The 4 Common Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids

Common Parenting Styles Effects Kids

Now, the question is which one parenting style do I follow for my child? 

If this article was meant to come with an instruction manual for raising your child, by now it must have increased your dilemma. Every single child has very specific needs. Now the trick is for you to be attentive about your child’s needs. 

What parenting styles one will follow highly depends on the cultural and economic background, your status as a parent – if you’re a single parent, working parent, has health issues etc.

The factors are endless. None of the parenting styles is fruitful when used independently. You often have to mix and match some of the features of one parenting style with the other to get the best results out of it. Sometimes you have to permissive while the other times you might become authoritative. Often in different family set ups, one parent takes on one style while the other takes on another style, keeping in mind the advantages of different parenting styles. 

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A few things that you should keep in mind as a parent are:

Be aware of the developmental needs of your child. How you implement rules and limitations, how you interact with them, what your expectations are from them should all be based on what your child needs.

Align their needs with your capabilities. Be aware of what your potentials are as a parent and what you can bring forward for a conducive relationship between you and your child. 

Be attuned with your child’s development. Be alert of your children’s behaviours, if they are suddenly behaving off-the-grid, or if they are not their usual self, intervene. Is there something that needs to be addressed? Be quick and take immediate measures.

Think the best for your child: Authoritative parenting style typically has good outcomes as it helps the child develop empathy, good cognitive and social skills, and avoids problem behaviors. Children who are raised by authoritative parents are also more successful, optimistic, happy and satisfied in later lives. So, why not implement this style of parenting?

The most difficult part of parenting is to trust your parental hunch and have the courage to let your child grow.

The 4 Common Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids
The 4 Common Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids
The 4 Common Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Kids
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