5 Heartbreaking Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

Heartbreaking Lessons Parent Learn

Becoming a parent is one of the single greatest joys of life. However, there are certain heartbreaking lessons that every loving and caring parent must learn to become better at parenting. These parenting lessons might be tough to accept, but will only help your child in the long run, and isn’t that what every parent wishes for?

Being a parent has been the single best experience of my life.

My wife and I have been in that role for more than 13 years, raising our two daughters and a son. During that stretch, we’ve made mistakes along the way (as all parents do) and we’ve learned a lot as well.

While we can’t claim to have learned everything there is to know about good parenting, here are five difficult lessons that I believe all loving parents will ultimately learn.

Here Are 5 Heartbreaking Parenting Lessons Every Parent Must Learn

The Hardest Lesson

1. ‘Doing Nothing When You Are Able To.’

As parents, we want to help our kids whenever we can. It’s easy for us to do multiplication, write a book report, and ride a bike; however, we can’t actually do Math and English homework or ride bikes on behalf of our kids. Our kids won’t learn what they need to if we do it for them.

Metaphorically speaking, we can’t let our children have training wheels forever, which means they will inevitably fall down and fail at times.

Those failings usually result in pain and frustration that parents might have prevented, but we can’t always protect them from such experiences because they need to develop mastery of life skills on their own.

That kind of parental restraint is necessary so kids can learn important coping skills for themselves. This continues to be a difficult, ongoing lesson for me to learn as a parent.

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The Most Painful Lesson

2. ‘Not Being Able to Help When You Feel You Must.’

When your child is in the hospital or sick in bed at home you are usually pretty helpless, yet you would give anything to switch places with the child to help them avoid the pain and discomfort they’re experiencing.

Any loving parent would swap with their suffering kid in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works—we can’t swap out pain like we’re changing a shirt or a light bulb.

Those painful moments don’t always involve catastrophic illness or medical emergencies but they’re something parents need to prepare for mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to make it through.

The Most Sobering Lesson

3. ‘Each Day, They Need You Less.’

During the first several years of life, most everything a child knows about life has been learned from their parents or close family members. But once they begin going to school they continue to learn and grow independent of you, the parent.

The more our kids push against parental authority, we need to proportionately love them that much more. Some of what they learn might run crosswise to the values you’re trying to instill in your children (e.g. the first time your child uses the F-word; asks about sex or questions why they have to go to religious services on weekends when no one in their class does … etc.)

It’s sobering because your position and authority as a parent is being challenged, and that type of push back is only going to increase as the child’s friends gain more influence during the teenage years.

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