3 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Feel Uncomfortable Around

Types Of Inauthentic People

When an empath comes close to inauthentic people, it is common for them to shut down their antenna as a form of protection. They try their best to protect their energy from such negative and toxic people.

When people turn out to be judgemental and critical, the empath often will close down as a mark of protection. Some may even stumble for words and one’s memory and thought process gets heavily stressed. There are various levels of fake behavior and the reasons for each, many.

Empathetic abilities are not always easy to pinpoint and why someone feels bad for you. Empaths are generally skilled observers, and they can understand things by someone’s body language. Most empaths are oversensitive. Because empaths are sensitive, they often pick up subtle clues about what the other person thinks or feels. They also can penetrate through lies and identify the motivations and intentions of other people. 

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Here are the 3 different types of inauthentic people that empaths feel uncomfortable with:

1) The egocentric bunch and aggressive people.

The egotistical types are the most difficult to get along with. People who are always in control often fail to understand others and see compassion. Everything becomes about them and that becomes a reality for facing all situations.

While empaths feel sorry for them, they know that being around these kinds of people is emotionally draining and painful in the long run.

Empaths feel a lot of compassion for those in pain and have a different perspective in life. Empaths find it hard to be around angry and aggressive people. He or she will pick on the vibes and notice the emotions. Spending time with such people in close physical proximity will leave them drained emotionally and distressed. They use techniques to protect themselves and sometimes when they are full, avoid them for the sake of their own mental health.

2) The superficial and fake group of people.

Empaths are deep thinkers and love to understand the human condition closely. They find it dull to be around superficial people and don’t see any point in small talk. They would like to get to know people and forge a strong connection with people interested not just at the superficial level.

Superficiality is skin deep and most people have these as a lack of belief in themselves. They exhibit these to stave off fear and ridicule, rejection, and loss. While it is not the good or the bad they are looking for, empaths dislike this ‘not being the self’ or people-pleasing syndrome. All they seek is the real ugly face and not the beautiful mask of inauthentic people. 

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3) The manipulative and opportunist lot. 

An empath’s soft heart often attracts manipulators to target them for their own gain. They try to take the opportunity of deep empathy and connectedness. Manipulative people often abuse the good nature of empaths and take advantage of their sympathy and compassion.

But these manipulators often forget that empaths are sensors too. They read things by their vibes, words, or actions mean lesser. When empaths come in contact with such manipulative and opportunists, they stay on guard the entire time and protect themselves from such abusers!

Empaths try to stay as far away as possible from inauthentic people. They always look for people who are genuine and good at heart. Narcissistic, egoistic, and self-centered people are simply not their cup of tea. 

Inauthentic People
3 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Feel Uncomfortable Around
Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Pin
3 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Feel Uncomfortable Around
Types Of Inauthentic People pin one
3 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Feel Uncomfortable Around
Types Of Inauthentic People pin
3 Types Of Inauthentic People Empaths Feel Uncomfortable Around

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  1. Avatar of Jen Roberts

    Some people just feel ’empty’ to me, and it freaks me out. I knew one girl who was naturally beautiful, a ‘girl next door’, always smiling, full of energy… but empty. She lies and manipulates people constantly. She complimented me once and smiled and it sent chills through me, it was completely void. Luckily she lives on the other side of the world now.

  2. Avatar of Mark Anthony Bello

    Very true! People are awkward around me. Reason being I can tell what their motives are and they get paranoid about me catching on to it because I am unmoved by their attempts. I don’t know if that is being an empath. I think people are transparent if you just observe and analyze. People that can’t pick up on facial gestures, manuerisms, and manipulative tactics are clueless people.

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