23 Heartbreaking Lines And Stories That Would Make You Think

We all have that bitter kind of love stories where in we experienced love in unwanted ways. Either with a loss, break up, friend zoned or a one-sided kind of love; we’ve all been there.

The sad thing about love is that we can’t always make the other person love us in the same way we wanted. Some may even leave us hanging when we’re in the midst of floating.

Loving someone who doesn’t love us truly hurts. The pain can be excruciating and it can break us. The biggest challenge is how we can cope up again after experiencing a love with no return.


These sad lines will make you think of how painful love stories can sometimes be and we just can’t help it. The list goes on…


I woke up and looked to my side, that’s when tears started to fall down.


After I sent so many messages for you, my phone finally ring. I quickly opened the message, it said “your load has expired”.


I finally got to see your brightest smile. It’s something I’ve never seen when you’re still mine.


“They’re getting married!” -that’s the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard.


The love song started to play, but this time with a different pain.


Did I misheard it when you said you love me?


He said, “I will love you forever!” 3 months and forever has lasted.


Today, I received flowers. It comes with a note saying “Sorry and thank you for everything!”.


I waited long enough and she’s finally here! I was welcomed by a cute little girl that exactly looks like her.


He used to call me baby until one day, he calls me honey.


Our eyes met. I could have stared a little longer but she looked away quickly.


I asked him, “Do you still love me?”. He didn’t answer and I knew.


I met my bestfriend’s girlfriend and I told him in glee, “I’m so happy for you!” and then I whispered “but not for me”.


That night the rain did not stop, same goes for my tears.


I never knew she was my angel until she became one.


Sometimes, I wonder if you still think of me and sometimes, I wonder why I even bothered.


And suddenly, all I can hear is my own heart beat in a sad background music…


Maybe we will meet again… when our bodies are both resting.


I hold on but you have given up and I couldn’t just stop.


We get past so many obstacles together including our love.


I wish into a falling star for us to be together forever. But just like it, he disappeared quickly right before my eyes.


I seek and he hides, that moment, I never found him again.

23.We could have had a better love story but you chose her over me.

There you have it! Have you experienced any of these?Which one really strikes your heart?

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23 Heartbreaking Lines And Stories That Would Make You Think

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