20 Subtle Hints He Wants To Be More Than Just Friends With You

 January 11, 2019

20 Subtle Hints He Wants To Be More Than Just Friends With You

11. He introduces you to his male friends.

He wants you to meet his friends. He introduces you to them with his chest puffed out and a smile on his lips, like he’s proud to have you in his life. He doesn’t want to keep you as a secret to everyone in his life. Instead, he wants you to get to know the people he cares about.

12. He shows interest in knowing your family.

He asks about your parents once in a while. He is curious to know if they have standards about the man that they want you to date. He is interested in knowing how much you value them, care for them, and love them. A guy who says he wants to meet your parents one day is someone who’s interested in staying in your life for a long period of time.

13. He always makes sure you arrive home safe.

He drives you home even if he’s tired, even if you ask him not to, even if your place is far from him. He drives you home because he wants to be protective of you. He wants to make sure you are safe all the time. He drives you home and doesn’t go away until he sees you close your door.

14. He texts you in the morning.

He sends you a message early in the morning because you cross his mind. He likes to show you that you are one of the few things that he remembers, as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. A simple greeting is a huge indication that he is interested in you.

15. He calls you when you feel troubled.

He is always there to rescue you when something wrong happens in your life. He wants to be the first person you rely on when you are in trouble. He calls you when you’re sad when you can’t be at peace with yourself, and doesn’t hang up until he’s certain that you are alright. Your problem somehow becomes his problem too, because he cares for you.

16. He prioritizes you most of the time.

You are not a second option to him. You are never a “maybe” to him. Rather, you are someone he wants to make time for. You are the one he’s willing to clear his schedule for. And you are the only person in the world he wants to spend most of his time with.

17. He is a gentleman when he’s with you.

He doesn’t let you out of his car until he opens the door for you. He shows interest in carrying your bag when it’s heavy. He pulls a chair for you in a restaurant. And he pays the bill most of the time when you hang out with him. He is a gentleman when he’s with you because he wants to prove to you that someone like him still exists in this day and age.

18. He is honest with you.

He tells you his past openly, wholeheartedly. He doesn’t try to cover any bad parts of his life because he wants you to know the real him. He likes to show you that he is someone you can trust. He tells you when something bothers him. And he answers each of your questions in all honesty.

19. He shares his future plans with you.

It’s rare that a guy opens up his thoughts about his future with anyone. So when a guy shares his future plans with you, it means you are someone special to him. He is willing to be vulnerable and reveal his goals in life with you. It’s an intimate, sacred act for him to tell you the dreams that he has on his mind. He’s giving you the opportunity to know the man that he’s aiming to become one day.

20. He respects you.

He respects your opinions, even if they are different from his. He acknowledges your limitations and makes sure he doesn’t cross any boundaries. He doesn’t use your weaknesses for his advantage. He understands when you’re busy and you’re unable to share a piece of your time with him. And he highly respects the fact that you are a human being that needs space sometimes.

This article was originally published at Thought Catalog. Reprinted with permission from the author.

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20 Subtle Hints He Wants To Be More Than Just Friends With You

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