7 Things All Quiet People Will Understand

Things All Quiet People Will Understand

5. Going out is okay, but not really ideal. 

Quiet people definitely love going out to the bar every now and then but would rather much prefer staying at home having a couple of porch beers or cracking open a new bottle of wine we’ve been looking forward too.

Bars are nice, don’t get us wrong, however, it can prove to be a little too loud sometimes when we are trying to talk to our friends and we aren’t able to understand anything that the other person is saying simply because of how loud the music is or how loud others at the bar might be.

It’s nothing personal, but we would any day prefer to stay at home and have fun with friends and family. Nothing like having a good old-fashioned get-together with some good food and drinks!

6. Alone time is non-negotiable. 

Alone time is something we just cannot do without, and it is crucial for us to have ample alone time for us to feel like ourselves. 

We like being able to process everything that has happened to us throughout the day since we are constantly overthinking just about… Everything.

Alone time helps us feel refreshed and rejuvenated and makes us feel happy.  We also like to have our space to ourselves so that we are able to do the things we like to do in our free time that we would otherwise not get the chance to do.

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7. Physical appearance doesn’t really matter to us. 

You really don’t have to worry about getting dressed up, getting your hair done, or anything that involves you looking absolutely amazing. Quiet people don’t really care for the physical appearance of the people that we actually like.

We already like you for who you are as a person, and there is no need for dressing up for us. We love spending time with you, no matter what. What is on the inside, is what matters for us the most.

You could be puking your guts out for all we care, we are still going to stand by your side and probably even hold your hair back while you vomit.

Hopefully, this has given you a better idea as to what it means to be in the shoes of a quiet person.

7 Things All Quiet People Will Understand
7 Things All Quiet People Will Understand
Things All Quiet People Will Understand pin

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  1. Avatar of Rosalie W. Thon

    i am a quiet person for the most part… but, i can be outgoing and fun.. but. yes. i often think people misunderstand who i am… but. anymore i don’t care.. i don’t justify or apologize….i don’t need to be the center of attention or the loudest one…. but i love to visit with people..

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