17 Best Podcasts For Kids

best podcasts for kids

Podcasts for kids are an antidote to increasing screen time when stuck indoors! Podcasts cover a lot of topics, thus providing the opportunity for your children to learn different things and enjoy. Podcasts are the easy alternatives that keep your kid’s minds engaged as well as increase their knowledge and improve listening skills.

Sure, kids love screen time. But, at times when schools are shut and they stay at home, it becomes their only way of killing boredom. Now, an increase in screen time is a problem.

Most parents worry about whether their kids are getting quality content. Is it both entertaining and educational? Are they learning some good stuff? Or getting exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age? So, What can be an engaging alternative to TV?  Podcasts are the answer!

Podcasts for kids also called “kidcasts,” are not only fun but free to access and always contemporary. Though spoken audio, it is not at all boring. Thanks to incredible music, radio plays, and amazing sound effects.

Benefits Of Podcasts For Kids 

  • Listening to podcasts helps children broaden world view, build confidence and literacy.
  • Kids can access a wide array of narrative and subjective matter.
  • Reading along with audio improves their active listening skills and attention span. Hence, the demand for podcasts is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Not only podcasts engage your kids and keep them away from TV, but smarten up parents as well (see no. 13).
  • Podcast is the coolest tool for whole family to enjoy together. 

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Well, there are tons of podcasts for kids, and picking up the best ones can be daunting. So, we’ve selected some of the best podcasts for kids that are amusing for both parents and kids alike. Listen to these podcasts with your kids and develop a strong connection. Read our picks below.

17 Best Podcasts For Kids 

1. Wow in the World

This NPR-produced podcast is full of fun and facts based on science and technology. Not just for kids, but parents can too learn a lot from this podcast. Targeted for elementary school kids, it covers myriad topics like space, dinosaurs, different discoveries, and inventions. 

Everything is explained with why and how and that’s what captures the attention of kids and adults alike. Are you ready to know about the wonderful things in the world?

Listen here: Wow in the World

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2. What If World

Hosted by Mr. Eric O’Keefe, this is another best Podcast for kids. Young listeners submit a lot of sillies “what if” questions such as “what if sharks had legs?”, “What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? ”or “what if a dragon lived in your closet?” and so on.

Mr. Eric smartly turns these questions into an entertaining story using funny voices and crazy characters. His imagination will leave you surprised. Both parents and kids love this podcast.

Listen here: What if World

3. Eleanor Amplified

Is your kid an imaginative one? Then you’ll surely love this long-running, serial podcast, which is full of Eleanor’s wit, and adventure, well supported with top sound effects. Besides being entertaining and informative, it will spark interesting conversations between you and your little ones regarding journalism and media choices. It is the best podcast for kids of all ages.

Listen here: Eleanor Amplified

4. Brains On!

This science-based podcast by American Public Media is best suited for slightly older kids. It’s educative and informative and keeps all ages hooked up till the end. Every episode teaches you a new scientific concept, facts, and stories. Kid scientists and reporters from public radio are the hosts.

They cover myriad topics like the science behind sneezing, the origin of languages, and so on with lots of enthusiasm and funny jokes. Not just kids, adults too can spike their knowledge levels using Brains On!.

Listen here: Brains On!

5. Story Pirates

This is one of the best podcasts where the host converts stories told by kids into sketch comedies. A group of pirates comprising of comedians, real actors, entertainers, and musicians act out the stories created by kids and add some songs to make it more hilarious.

At the end of the podcast, the kid authors are interviewed about their lives,  hobbies, and interests.  Isn’t it a cool opportunity? Why not encourage your kids to write a story for podcasts and boost their creativity and innovation?

Listen here: Story Pirates

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6. StoryNory

Popular as the best children’s audiobook on the internet, Story Nory brings to you amazing tales of action and adventures. All the episodes are produced in-house and well-trained voice actors are hired so that you can enjoy listening to the stories.

Some of the episodes are lengthy so it’s a good opportunity to develop good attention and listening skills.  The weekly podcast covers fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland to romance, poems, myths, adventures, and more. Isn’t it perfect for your kid’s bedtime?

Listen here: StoryNory

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7. Little Stories for Tiny People

The best podcast for preschoolers! Listen to these whimsical and soothing stories based on themes like empathy, kindness, respect, loss, etc. with your little ones at bedtime. These stories backed by overactive imagination come with wonderful messages so they will surely delight young kids.

Listen here: Little Stories for Tiny People

8. But Why

One of the best podcasts for curious kids because it answers all the questions that little minds want to know such as – why water is colorless or why the sky is blue or how bubbles are made and so on. This biweekly radio podcast by Vermont Public Radio explains everything in simple sentences and kid-friendly terms.

There is a lot of interesting stuff to know for both younger and older kids. They are allowed to post questions based on a single theme and various topics are covered like world, culture, science, nature, and more. So, what question does your child have?

Listen here: But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

9. Dream Big

Another kid-friendly podcast that inspires people to follow their passion and make their dream come true. The 10-year-old Eva Karpman along with her mother interviews top-notch performers like Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who are living their dream life.

The 15-20 minute episode covers audience questions and personal development topics. Listening to this podcast lifts up the motivation of both the parents and kids alike, helps listeners come out of their comfort zone, dream big, and take action.

You can also encourage your kids to start podcasting to involve them in activities that are meaningful, integrative, value-based, challenging, and active.

Listen here: Dream Big

10. Book Club For Kids

Winner of the California Library Association Technology Award, this podcast smartly engages kids in reading. THE TIMES of London has named it as one of the top 10 podcasts for kids.

Besides comfortably reading the chapter books, celebrity reader and the interview with the author makes every podcast fun, educational, and entertaining. You’ll get to know some interesting books to read with your kids and spend quality time together.


11. The Past and The Curious

The best history podcast for kids! You can get here relevant and interesting stories related to  George Washington’s,  spies, the Harlem Renaissance, the origin of cartooning, the development of transportation, and many more. Isn’t it a fantastic way to teach your kid about cultural literacy?

There is no scope of boredom because comedic actors perform historical stories in a playful manner. Songs,  good music, and the quiz segment are other factors that add to the fun and enthusiasm.

Listen here: The Past and The Curious

12. KidNuz

This is a daily news podcast for kids (8-14 years old) that covers everything that’s happening in the world in the field of science, sports, politics, and more. However, it excludes grim topics like murder, terrorism, and others.

Created by 4 Emmy-winning journalists, the content is informative and age-appropriate. Listening to this uplifting news is a great way to smarten up your kids. Isn’t it?

Listen here: KidNuz

13. Five Minutes With Dad

A sweet podcast hosted by father-son and daughter teaches a lot about courage, kindness, and many more through their genuine conversations. A very authentic podcast that teaches how to be a good dad and interact with kids in a friendly way. This is the right place for tips on parenting and having fun with the family.

Listen here: Five Minutes With Dad

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14. Peace Out

This podcast is loved by most children and parents because of its absorbing, short stories. These stories are mind-calming and teach about meditation and mindfulness. A lot of parents have claimed that this podcast helps their kids sleep peacefully at night. Why not add Peace Out to your kid’s daily bedtime routine?

Listen here: Peace Out

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15. Spare the Rock Spoil the Child

The podcast/audio stream plays fresh and upbeat songs that kids love to hear and keep rocking. Parents won’t hate either. Fresh tunes from They Might Be Giants, and other familiar tunes are sure to keep your child off the TV. All the episodes start with a soothing intro, entertain special requests and smart commentary is an additional factor that adds to the kids’ enjoyment.

Listen here: Spare the Rock Spoil the Child

16. Short and Curly

A brilliant podcast idea for kids that deals with ethical questions to spark up a killer conversation. “Is it ever OK to lie?”, “Should you move to Mars?” are thought-provoking questions. They help little listeners to gain a new perspective and understand what is right or wrong. 

Listen here: Short and Curly

17. The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

Premiered in 2004, this is the first and the longest-running audio drama podcast. Its old-time radio vibe is loved and admired by kids and adults alike.

The podcast features the adventures and exploits of Dr. Floyd. He is the World’s Most Brilliant Scientist fighting against the evil plans of Dr. Steve. In the process, he learns about people and events that shaped the history of the Earth. Historical figures like the Wright brothers, Stan Freberg, Jay Ward, Johann Pachelbel, make guest appearances.

The elements of suspense and great sound effects make these podcasts engaging and children stay hooked up till the end.

Listen Here: The Radio Adventures Of Dr. Floyd

I hope you liked the list of engaging, entertaining, and educational Podcasts for kids. Listen to your kids and let me know their responses in the comments below. Also share it with your friends and help them out.

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