17 Best Podcasts For Kids That They Will Want To Binge

Podcasts For Kids

Podcasts for kids are an antidote to increasing screen time when stuck indoors!

Sure, kids love screen time. But, at times when schools are shut and they stay at home, it becomes their only way of killing boredom. Now, an increase in screen time is a problem. And most parents worry whether their kids are getting quality content? Is it both entertaining and educational? Are they learning some good stuff? Or getting exposed to content that is inappropriate for their age? What can be an engaging alternative to TV?  Podcasts is the answer!

Podcasts for kids also called “kidcasts,” are not only fun but free to access and always contemporary. Though spoken audio, it is not at all boring. Thanks to incredible music, radio plays, and amazing sound effects.

Benefits of Podcasts for Kids 

  • Listening to podcasts helps children broaden world view, build confidence and literacy.
  • Kids can access a wide array of narrative and subjective matter.
  • Reading along with audio improves their active listening skills and attention span. Hence, the demand for podcasts is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Not only podcasts engage your kids and keep them away from TV, but smarten up parents as well (see no. 13).
  • Podcast is the coolest tool for whole family to enjoy together. 

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Well, there are tons of podcasts for kids, and picking up the best ones can be daunting. So, we’ve selected some of the best podcasts for kids that are amusing for both parents and kids alike. Listen to these podcasts with your kids and develop a strong connection.

17 best podcasts for kids 

1. Wow in the World

This NPR produced podcast is full of fun and facts based on science and technology. Not just for kids, but parents can too learn a lot from this podcast. Targetted at elementary school kids, it covers myriad topics like space, dinosaurs, different discoveries, and inventions.  Everything is explained with why and how and that’s what captures the attention of kids and adults alike. Are you ready to know about the wonderful things in the world?

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2. What If World

Hosted by Mr. Eric O’Keefe, this is another best Podcast for kids. Young listeners submit a lot of silly “what if” questions such as “what if sharks had legs?”, “What if there were a never-ending bowl of ice cream? ”or “what if a dragon lived in your closet?” and so on. Mr. Eric smartly turns these questions into an entertaining story using funny voices and crazy characters. His imagination will leave you surprised. Both parents and kids love this podcast.

3. Eleanor Amplified

Is your kid an imaginative one? Then you’ll surely love this long-running, serial podcast, which is full of Eleanor’s wit, and adventure, well supported with top sound effects. Besides entertaining and informative, it will spark interesting conversations between you and your little ones regarding journalism and media choices. It is the best podcast for kids of all ages.

4. Brains On!

This science-based podcast by American Public Media is best suited for slightly older kids. It’s educative and informative and keeps all ages hooked up till the end. Every episode teaches you a new scientific concept, facts, and stories. Kid scientists and reporters from public radio are the hosts. They cover myriad topics like the science behind sneezing, the origin of languages, and so on with lots of enthusiasm and funny jokes. Not just kids, adults too can spike their knowledge levels using Brains On!.

5. Story Pirates

This is one of the best podcasts where the host converts stories told by kids into sketch comedies. A group pirate comprising of comedians, real actors, entertainers, and musicians act out the stories created by kids and add some songs to make it more hilarious. At the end of the podcast, the kid authors are interviewed about their lives,  hobbies, and interests.  Isn’t it a cool opportunity? Why not encourage your kids to write a story for podcasts and boost their creativity and innovation?

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