Tips for How to Get Kids With Autism to Bed

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Tips That Help Autistic Children Sleep

It’s hard for parents to establish order with an autistic child, especially when it comes to bedtime. A lot of autistic children can’t fall asleep on time. They also have a hard time staying asleep. A child with autism seeks more attention from their parents at bedtime and there’s always the risk of bedwetting.

The life of an autistic child is difficult enough as it is. Sleep deficiency makes things worse. If you can establish a good routine for sleep then the child will have more energy. Also, they’ll be happier in their day to day life. They’ll do better in academics and their motor skills will develop better when they’re getting enough sleep at night.

What is Autism and How Does it Affect Your Child?

Autism is a disorder of the brain and nervous system. The nervous system controls the entire body. So, a child with autism has difficulty with easy tasks. Autism shows up in many ways but there are common features that can be identified. Sleep problems are one of these identifiers. 

Autism results in sleep problems. A child suffers from frustration when they don’t get enough sleep. Any regular person would have a lower rate of performance without a good night’s sleep. The reason why kids with autism have a hard time sleeping is often due to hyperactivity, compulsions, inattention, obsessive rituals, and physical aggressiveness.

These are the behaviors that need attention. Good parenting can reduce such behavior. So, a good sleep will be easier to achieve. However, it’s easier said than done. Parents around the globe are still looking for a good solution. If you’re looking for a good solution, check the link It will guide you in buying the right product for your child with autism.

Tips That Help Autistic Children Sleep

We’ve compiled some suggestions that will help put your child to sleep. They’ll lead to happier children who are more relaxed. These tips will help your parenting skills and help you to become more in control of your child’s destiny. Because, if you can establish a routine early in life that encourages positive behavior, it will stick. 

Tip 1: Bedtime Routine

Your child needs a bedtime routine. If you can make sure that your child follows this routine, your child will be much more proactive. Maintaining this bedtime routine is crucial. It won’t be easy to do. You’ll have to give more of your time putting your child to sleep. They might not be willing. They’ll probably want the opposite. However, you can’t let them have their way. ‘

Instead, give them some warm milk and read them a bedtime story. Do what it takes but make sure that they’re sleeping on time. Once they’re asleep, you should check from time to time to make sure that they remain asleep. Once the routine is concrete, your child will be much happier and better at performing tasks.

Tip 2: Limit the Amount of Time Spent in Front of the Screen

Kids today love to stick their faces in any device they can get their hands on. Whether it’s the television or an android phone, screen time needs to be limited. Set a reasonable amount. We’re not saying that it’s harmful. Your child will learn a great deal from the internet. But, too much is too much. If screen time conflicts with sleep time, that’s where you’ll need to draw the line.

Kids shouldn’t do anything after bedtime. You can promise your child that they will get access to the device the next day. But put your foot down at bedtime. Screen time is like an addiction that has to be kept under control.

Tip 3: Soft Background Music

Autistic children are really sensitive. Other children can handle sudden noises easily but it’s difficult for an autistic baby. It helps if you play soft music in the background. The flow of music will gently soothe the child to sleep.

Tip 4: Massages

Autistic babies startle easily. As a result, their concentration shatters which sometimes even persists the whole day. There are many ways you can relax your child. One good way to relax your baby is to massage them. A relaxing massage will release the built up tension.

A massage is perfect right before bedtime. Use some oil and be gentle. Your baby will love it and soon they’ll be sleeping peacefully.

Tip 5: A Warm Bath

Like a relaxing massage, a warm bath will help your child to fall asleep.

After the bath, your baby will be minty fresh and their mind will be refreshed too. They’ll be ready to take a nap after a good bedtime story.

Tip 6: A Good Bedtime Story

Kids love bedtime stories. So, you should find a good one – there are tons on the internet. 

Stories help to expand the imagination. A good bedtime story should be child-friendly and relatable. 


Sleep is essential for stability in the life of an autistic child. Take the right measures and your child will have a great chance at leading a healthy life. Your child will be happier and stronger once they’ve woken up from a good night’s rest. Some of the measures you should apply include a  good sleep routine, regular baths, massages, and bedtime stories. But above all, make sure you give your child plenty of love.

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