Chiropractic Clinic in Beaverton – Basic Facts About Spine Adjustment

Chiropractic Clinic in Beaverton

Chiropractic care is a discipline in the healthcare sector that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders that have to do with the musculoskeletal system of the human body with a primary focus on the spine. This care is carried out by professionals known as Chiropractors.

Chiropractors are licensed health care personnel who employ different hands-on methodologies and procedures that are not invasive to treat musculoskeletal issues. These issues include headaches, neck pain, back pain and dysfunctional joints.

Spine adjustment or manipulation is a popular therapeutic procedure that is used to alleviate musculoskeletal pain and enhance overall health and wellbeing. In this article, we will explore the basics of chirocare in general and spine adjustment in particular, its benefits and all that you need to know about it so stay with us.

Key Features of Chiropractic

Like we mentioned earlier, this is an alternative form of medicine that focuses on the musculoskeletal system of the body. This form of medicine has many key features and they include the following:-

  1. Holistic Approach
  2. Spinal Manipulation
  3. Promotion of wellness
  4. Patient-centred care
  5. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals

1. Holistic Approach

Chirocare takes into cognizance the fact that every system in the human body is interconnected. This therefore necessitates a holistic approach to addressing the root cause of health issues instead of just managing symptoms. This holistic approach considers factors such as environmental impact on human body/health, diet, lifestyle and the stress of daily living when treating different individuals.

2. Spinal Manipulation

This is one of the major treatment techniques (which is our major focus in this article) that is use by chiropractors to address different health issues. It Is the application of controlled force to specific parts of the body and the spine in particular to help restore the right alignment to the body. It also helps to alleviate pain, enhance mobility and overall bodily functions.

3. Promotion of Wellness

Apart from addressing specific health issues, chirocare emphasizes the need for proactive measures that promote the overall wellbeing of patients and also the prevention of health issues or injuries in the future. These measures include following professional recommendations for adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise, eating right and maintaining proper posture. You can click here for tips on how to live a healthy life.

4. Patient-Centered Care

Professionals in this field typically work with individual evaluation to develop personalized treatment that is specifically tailored to meet individual health goals and needs. These treatments may include a mix of therapeutic exercises, spinal adjustments, manual therapies, ergonomic advice and recommendation for lifestyle changes.

5. Collaboration with Other Healthcare Providers

Chiroprators cannot work in isolation; they must work in collaboration with other healthcare providers to make sure that they provide the holistic care needed by their patients. In some cases, patients need more than chirocare and are referred to specific specialists for better and more treatment.

Understanding Spine Adjustment


Spine or chiropractic adjustment is the process through which proper alignment, function and mobility is restored to the spine. In addition, it also relieves pain and improves general wellbeing of patients. This process involves the use of controlled force that is applied to specific joints and points of the spine and is mostly performed by osteopathic physicians or chiropractors.

Benefits of Spine Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustment affords a lot of benefits to patients and they include the following:-

  1. Pain Relief – This process is very effective for the reduction of pain that comes with different musculoskeletal conditions. These include neck pain, back pain, stiffness of the joints and headaches.
  2. Enhanced Mobility – The realigning of the spine and reduction of restrictions in the joint enhances the range of motion in the patient and also increases flexibility. This allows the patient to experience freer movement.
  3. Improved Function of the Nervous System – This process positively impacts the nervous system by facilitating enhanced communication between the body and the brain. This in turn promotes optimal wellness and good health.
  4. Holistic Approach – Unlike conventional treatments that rely on medication and focuses on managing symptoms, spine adjustment adopts a holistic approach. This approach addresses the root cause of the dysfunction and pain.

Visit this site:  for more information on the benefits of spine adjustment.

Methodologies Used in Spine Adjustment

There are many techniques or methodologies used in Chirocare and they are either manual or machine or device aided. Find below some of these techniques:-

  1. High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude (HVLA) Thrust– This involves the application of controlled and sudden force to a joint that results in a pop or cracking sound.
  2. Manual Mobilization – This hands-on technique manipulates the spine and tissues surrounding it into proper alignment. This method is best for patients suffering from osteoporosis or has peculiar issues that require a low force approach.
  3. Manipulation with Devices –These are methods that require the use of handheld devices or tools to deliver the required adjustment.
  4. Flexion-Distraction Technique– This is also a gentle technique that is non-invasive and it involves the stretching and decompressing of the spine in order to relieve pressure on the nerves and spinal discs.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Chiropractor

Much as chirocare is quite beneficial, it can quickly go south of certain factors are not considered before choosing a care provider. Therefore, below are some safety factors to consider before you choose a chiropractor:-


Spinal adjustment must only be carried out by qualified practitioners such as osteopathic physicians or chiropractors. Go online and search for qualified chirocare providers that have dedicated units for chiropractic care. Ensure that you see their certification and license and ascertain that they are legit.

Never make the mistake of overlooking this factor because it can spell the difference between recovery or more damage. Look out for highly qualified and experience chirocare providers to ensure your total recover and wellbeing.

Patient Evaluation

Find out how they carry out evaluation on patients that come in for treatment. Ensure that the person you submit yourself to for treatment is one who conducts thorough evaluation to assess your medical history, the current state of your health and which treatment is suitable for you.

You can easily find this out by either checking the testimonials of past patients or reviews from medical journals or association websites. You can also get a feel of the thoroughness of the chiropractor when you go for your first consultation.

Individualized Approach

Ensure that your chirocare provider delivers tailor-made treatments and not one-size-fits-all. Discuss with your provider and find out what combo of treatment they want to administer to you and be sure you understand before consenting to it.

A good chiropractor ensures that their patient understands the combo of treatment that they would be receiving and consent to it. Any provider that doesn’t allow you to give an informed consent is a red flag. Look for another provider that will explain the risks and benefits of the treatments you will undergo and also insist on your informed consent.


It’s always better to look for a provider that is close to you. Considering that you may already be in some discomfort, it is not wise to choose a clinic that’s far from you. If, for example, you reside in Beaverton, Oregon, you can certainly find a Beaverton Chiropractor that will attend to your needs. This will make for increased comfort.


Spinal adjustment can be useful for the treatment of issues with human skeletal system. However, care needs to be taken before you submit for treatment. We have shared tips that will help you identify the best chirocare provider to use. 

Ensure that you bear these tips in mind in order to be able to make an informed decision. Above all, always consult with your primary healthcare provider to be on the safe side.

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