The Good and Bad of Loving A Scorpio (12 Brutal Truths)

Good and Bad of Loving A Scorpio

No doubt a Scorpio has or will have gone through relationships where they assume the leader role and while they can do this with ease, for the long-term they are looking for someone whom they can trust enough to lead them.

It takes a lot to earn the respect and trust of a Scorpio and this is because they can see right through you, don’t ever think they can’t.

8. They tend to be overthinkers.

A Scorpio always hears what is behind the words being spoken, the “what’s not being said” is their domain. And because of this, they can’t help but lean towards the overthinking end of everything.

9. They take things seriously.

On the downfall, Scorpios are known to take life a little too seriously and need to be reminded that the universe is playful! They are hard on themselves and are known to hold guilt for a longer than normal period of time.

Let your Scorpio know that they shouldn’t sweat it “like water off a duck’s back.”

10. They are highly observant.

Not much gets past a Scorpio, a natural detective, they will be on to you before you know it. So if you are trying to be sneaky, you’d better be on your A-game.

Loving a Scorpio

11. They are highly sexual.

No doubt, word on the street is that a Scorpio is crazy in bed. If you aren’t looking for anything but the contemporary, choose a different sign to be your mate.

Scorpios know how to take normal ordinary sex and amplify it into something more– sensual, spiritual, and creative. They understand the power of sexual creative energy and know just how to wield it.

But beware if you double-cross a Scorpio, they have complete control over their reproductive organs can shut it down, turn it off and lock it up, just as quick.

12. They are crazy!

Scorpios are highly creative and this creativity needs an outlet! If a Scorpio is pent-up without a release or stuck on an idea without closure you’d better watch out because it’s going to get out, one way or another.

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The Good and Bad of Loving A Scorpio (12 Brutal Truths)
loving a scorpio pin
Good and Bad of Loving A Scorpio Pin

80 thoughts on “The Good and Bad of Loving A Scorpio (12 Brutal Truths)”

  1. WOW ……. I just (4 months) got out of a relationship with a Narcopath/Scorpio, several personality traits mentioned above are Narcissistic as well. Good god man , what a nightmare ! Thank god it was only for about a year +!!!!

    1. “Take things seriously”
      “Over think”
      “Can see thru people”

      Yah now you make me overthink and want to find these meaning below the surface

  2. Only thing you need to know is where you hid your mad money and where the spare car keys and cheap hotels rooms are to be found and when it’s safe to come back.

  3. I miss my Scorpio. I know she’s my soul mate and what we’re going through is temporary. I know we both needed this to grow and to really respect and appreciate each other. I’m working really hard on myself and have changed for the better. I love her and hope that see will see that soon. Pa pa pa pa… Pa pa.. Pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa pa # Team1800.

  4. I’m a triple Scorp! The Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio on my B- day.
    I don’t care too much for small talk but prefer deep thoughts, thinking and philosophical discussions

    1. “They have complete control over their reproductive organs…” … now I have images of the opposite lol!! Pretty on the $, that lil article. Owlies! X

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