12 Symptoms of Post Relationship Stress Disorder

11) Sexual promiscuity or complete lack of interest in sexual activities

Sometimes people who have suffered sexual abuse can turn to sexual promiscuity as a way to regain their power or to numb their pain by indulging in casual sex.
On the other hand, some survivors of sexual abuse can turn totally averse to the idea of sexual intimacy. They may even flinch at slightest touch as they fear the emotions and pain will resurface if they indulge in sexual activities.

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12) Self-blaming, excessive crying, and social isolation

People who have gone through relationship stress tend to become extremely self-critical. They keep on wondering what was their role in the downfall of the relationship or if they could have done anything different to save the relationship.

The extreme pain and hurt can lead to persistent periods of inconsolable crying and mourning.
The pain is often accompanied by feelings of shame and guilt and a person goes into a period of social isolation.


How to heal from PTRS

The first step to heal from PTRS is to be kind towards your own self. It was not your fault if the person you trusted turned out to be an abuser. You have already gone through immense pain and stress and you deserve every bit of your own love and compassion.
Make your healing a priority over everything else.

Seek counseling or any other kind of professional help, take up hobbies that you enjoy, do volunteer work, join support groups, indulge in self-care rituals or go for a spiritual or meditation retreat.
Create healthy boundaries. Learn to say no. Don’t let anyone suck energy out of your life. Be selfish with your time and energy.

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But don’t rush your healing process. Be kind and patient with yourself like you would be with a friend who is undergoing suffering.

It’s ok to not be ok for some time. Do not numb or run away from your emotions, this way you will only trap them in your system. Instead, feel them and let them out.

“You need to be as patient as someone ill and as optimistic as one recuperating, for perhaps you are both. And more: You are also the physician who must watch over yourself. But in the course of every illness there are many days in which the physician can do nothing but wait. And that, above all, to the extent that you are your own physician, you must do now.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

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12 Symptoms of Post Relationship Stress Disorder

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