The 12 Archangels And Their Connection With The Zodiac Signs


Archangels Connection With Zodiac Signs

Do you know that 85% of American adults believe in angels or specifically archangels? Angels are a part of human history regardless of religion or belief system.

A lot of religious texts and spiritual philosophies suggest that an orderly plan governs our birth at a set time and location and to specific parents. And therefore the dates on which we are born are not a coincidence.

When we are given an opportunity for new birth, we are given the opportunity to select the star sign we feel is most suitable for learning the life lessons needed for our growth.

It is no accident that there are 12 signs in the zodiac. Each of the twelve signs represents a stage in the cycle of solar energy as it is embodied in the life of mankind on our planet.

Each of the 12 zodiac signs is linked with 12 constellations and the Angels of the zodiac oversee all the people born under these signs. The 12 Archangels of the Zodiac can help us to understand our astrological birth sign and our life path and our soul purpose. This post covers who are the 12 Archangels and their roles in each zodiac sign.

12 Archangels of the Zodiac
Who Are The 12 Archangels Of The Zodiac

Guardian Angels versus Archangels

We have two types of Angels: Guardian Angels and Archangels.

Our personal guardian angels are here to help us only, whereas the archangels are here to serve everyone. They have particular qualities and are associated with particular signs but anyone can call upon them for help in that particular area.

We can ask for help from our guardian angels or archangels by communicating with them in meditation or prayer, they are all around us but we need to seek their help and give them permission to intervene in our life situations.

Let’s find out more about the 12 Archangels associated with zodiac signs.

1. Aries:  Archangel Ariel – “The Lioness of God”

Aries:  Archangel Ariel – "The Lioness of God"
Archangels Zodiac Signs

Angel Ariel is associated with the sign of “Aries” and is also referred to as the healing angel of nature. Its role is to help us connect and be in sync with all forms of nature: physical and metaphysical.

If you want to manifest earthly desires like making a career in ecology or environment or get more insight into the secrets of nature, call on Archangel Ariel to assist you.

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2. Taurus:  Archangel Chamuel – “He Who Sees God”

Angel Chamuel
Archangels And Zodiac Signs

Angel Chamuel is associated with the sign “Taurus” and assists in bringing inner peace and harmony within relationships.

If you are seeking to find inner peace or manifest universal love or you want to enhance your relationships at home and work, then call on Archangel Chamuel to assist you.

Archangel Chamuel is also referred to as the “finding angel”. If you have misplaced or lost something, you can ask Archangel Chamuel to assist you in finding the lost item.

3. Gemini:  Archangel Zadkiel – “The Righteousness of God”

Angel Zadkiel
Archangels Zodiac Signs

Angel Zadkiel is associated with the sign of “Gemini “and is referred to as the “angel of forgiveness”.

Whenever you feel that you cannot move ahead from past hurts or have trouble forgiving someone, ask Archangel Zadkiel to assist you in developing compassion and forgiveness.

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4. Cancer:  Archangel Gabriel – “Strength of God”

Archangel Gabriel
Archangels Names And Meanings

Angel Gabriel is associated with the sign of “Cancer” and its role is to provide you with the “strength of God”. If you feel you need assistance in choosing the right words for delivering an important message, you can turn to Archangel Gabriel for assistance.

Archangel Gabriel also assists in protecting our inner child and can help in improving parenting skills.

5. Leo:  Archangel Raziel – “The Secrets of God”

Angel Raziel

Angel Raziel is associated with the sign of “Leo” and plays the role of assisting in revealing the “secrets of God” and divine knowledge of your soul.

Angel Raziel helps to bring knowledge regarding your soul’s purpose and life path. Its energy can be felt in synchronicities or day-to-day happenings that guide you.

If you have recurring thoughts or dreams or synchronicities that you want to decipher, you can ask Archangel Raziel to assist you.

6. Virgo:  Archangel Metatron – “Lesser YHVH”

Archangel Metatron

Angel Metatron is associated with the sign of “Virgo” and is also referred to as “Metraton’s Cube”.

Angel Metatron helps in clearing low energies and healing. It also aids people who are new to spirituality.

If you want to understand the mysteries of the Universe and want to seek guidance on the spiritual path, you can ask Archangel Metatron to assist you.

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7. Libra:  Angel Jophiel – “Beauty of God”

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is associated with the sign of “Libra” and is referred to as “Feng shui angel”.

Archangel Jophiel‘s role is to help you to beautify your environment and thoughts. Whenever you feel too cluttered in your head or environment, you can ask Archangel Jophiel to assist you in clearing your head and bring you more clarity.

8. Scorpio: Angel Jeremiel – “Mercy of God”

Archangel Jeremiel

Archangel Jeremiel is associated with the sign of “Scorpio” and is referred to as “Mercy of God” and it helps to review your life in accordance with the lessons that you are supposed to learn.

Whenever you need guidance on the lessons that your soul chose to learn in this lifetime or to review your progress, you can ask Archangel Jeremiel to assist you.

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9. Sagittarius:  Archangel Raguel – “Friend of God”

Archangel Raguel

Angel Raguel is associated with the sign of “Sagittarius” and its role is to bring peace and harmony.

Whenever you feel you need assistance in dealing with miscommunication and disagreements in relationships, you can ask Archangel Raguel to assist you in enhancing cooperation and ending disagreements.

10. Capricorn:  Angel Azrael – “Whom God Help

Angel Azrael

Angel Azrael is associated with the sign of “Capricorn” and is also referred to as the “angel of death”.

The role of Angel Azrael is to help souls crossover at the time of death and console others and help them to grieve.

If you have lost a loved love, you can ask Archangel Azrael to provide you support and comfort and help you to heal.

11. Aquarius:  Angel Uriel – “The Light of God”

Archangel Uriel 

Archangel Uriel is associated with the sign of “Aquarius” and is also referred to as an “intellectual angel”.

It helps you in the form of creative solutions, insights, or epiphanies.

If you are looking for a solution and need guidance in decision-making, you can ask Archangel Uriel to assist you.

12. Pisces:  Aangel Sandalphon – “Brother”

Archangel Sandalphon

Angel Sandalphon is associated with the sign of “Pisces” and its role is to “deliver messages to God.”

If you invoke Archangel Sandalphon, pay attention to any words or songs that play into your mind, they could be messages or answers to your prayers.

The 12 Archangels and their Connection With The Zodiac Signs
Archangels Names And Meanings
The 12 Archangels and their Connection With The Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Archangels
Archangels Connection With Zodiac Signs pin
12 Archangels Of The Zodiac Signs
Archangels and Connection With Zodiac Signs
12 Archangels Of The Zodiac Signs
Archangels Connection With Zodiac
Archangels And Zodiac Signs

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