11 Signs of Negative People

Signs of Negative People

Have you ever felt depressed, or bleak every time you hang out with certain people? Well, this might be a sign that you are mingling with negative people.

There might be a ceiling of negativity over you. Negativity thrives when you are surrounded by people who instigate negative emotions in you like envy, anger, jealousy, sadness, pain, and hatred.

Negativity is not always self-inflicted; it can be felt from negative people too. Have you ever heard some people saying things like “I don’t know why, but I always get negative vibes from her.”? That is negativity. No matter how hard you try, you will always feel bad, gloomy, and cynical even when you socialize with such people.

You need to know whether the people with whom you are hanging out, going on trips, eating out, sleeping over, studying with – are the positive ones or not. Of course, for this removal of negativity and depression, one must first understand how to discern negative people, from the positive ones.

Negative people

When you are surrounded by positive people, you will notice a change of aura from pessimism to optimism. You will start loving yourself; you won’t feel depressed anymore. You will be able to feel a positive charm around you. You will generally wish to be accompanied by those people more and more.

But you will never feel in an iota of this when you are with negative people. Read on to know more about the signs of negative people.

Here Are 11 Signs of Negative People

1. Forever pessimists.

One fine day she asked her friend, “Will I ever get him back?” An instant reply came from the other end,

“Are you even mad?”

“Have you lost it?”

“He will never return. He is surely mingling with someone else.”

Coincidentally, the boy might have just been deeply hurt and badly wanted to reconcile with her. This is how your pessimistic friend will worsen your disappointment.

During a hard time, we always need positive energies from our friends. If this one scene we have witnessed in our lives then we must have become surrounded by negative energy.

Now you know that you may also have been surrounded by someone like this who has intentionally filled your life with negativity, but you are unaware of that.

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2. “I am always a loser”.

You might have experienced some of your close mates saying this.

The negative ones always intentionally consider them the victims or the losers. They always deliberately take up the action of being the one hurt.

Even if they are not linked to the case, they consider themselves the victim.

It is better to stay away from these people who not only play the victim but also make you feel guilty of being a possible reason for them being upset. If you want your determination to keep you moving on in life, stay away from these people.

3. “No dude, I am just so stuck today”.

Heard this line maybe yesterday, right? The negative people actually are very selfish – THEY NEVER REALLY HAVE TIME FOR YOU.

You heard me right; it is only when they are free you will be the perfect person for them to hang out with. But when you need them, they are like, “I am stuck at my office”. If they had been positive buddies, the friendship would have been both ways pertaining to one where you would have always got your mate by your side.

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4. A pretty exploitative friendship.

They will always be at your service when you are providing them with something in return.

They are very advantageous. They are ready to take advantage of you and exploit you to your maximum.

Be it a financial advantage, study, or even an amorous one, they can even be your most pretentious positive accompany.

5. Bellyachers.

“You are so mean”

“You never do it right” – they are very consistent in finding faults in your friendship.

You have to be perfect, solely for them.

Even if it is the noisy traffic or the cold winds, they find faults in everything present and seen.

6. Energy absorber.

You do not really feel charged up whenever you are with your negative friends. They don’t make you feel worthy.

Positive friends create moments of ecstasy which you want to feel again.

However, the thought of meeting this negative person only drains your energy, which means there is no positive vibe in that friendship.

Negative People
11 Signs of Negative People

7. They want your transition.

Be it your way of walking, or your style of conversing, or anything relatable to you is a must change for them. They find flaws in you in every aspect.

They cannot accept you the way you are if you are not exactly like them.

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