10 Things You Need to Know About Real Love

10 Things You Need to Know About Real Love

27 thoughts on “10 Things You Need to Know About Real Love”

  1. Marriage is just like a battle field which is won only with healthy compromise and love from both partners.

  2. Sometimes people even have a target in mind and pretend that they love. Like here in india. Many bitches would pretend to love,as they search of a rich stable household to be in and enjoy for the rest of their lives!

  3. If people understood what real love entailed they would be less inclined to go in and out of relationships in which they know they will experience anything but love. Use your time out of a relationship wisely, to build what you need to be in a healthy relationship. And then, go out and build it.

  4. Real love doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye, a wink of an eye, a touch or a tap in a shoulder.
    Real love takes time to grow until it blossom into a wonderful maturity level…

  5. When i told my Father that i was considering asking my wife to marry me, not wanting his opinion of her but more his opinion of me , would i make a good husband for her.

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