10 Most Spiritual Places On Earth With The Strongest Energy Field

Most Spiritual Places On Earth Strongest Energy Field

Do you know the most spiritual places on earth are powerful sacred sites that vibrate with cosmic energy? Read on to know more about these energy vortex locations!

There are places in this world that enable us to get connected to the divine. These spiritual places have profound energies making sensitive people dream or experience certain encounters which have answers to questions they have been asking for a long time.

According to popular belief, these high vibrational energy hot spots are connected by ley lines and have been erected quite strategically by our wise ancestors. Some also argue that extraterrestrial intervention was involved during the creation of these energy spots and even today mysterious activities can be recorded in these places.

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So, what are the most spiritual places on earth? Let’s discover these spiritual and metaphysical destinations now, shall we?

10 Most Spiritual Places On Earth

Here are the 10 most powerful spiritual places on earth. These are spiritual places with the strongest energy field and can transform your life by offering breakthroughs and insights regarding your overall energy and spirituality.

(1)  Rila, Bulgaria:

Located in southwestern Bulgaria and the highest mountain range in the country, Rila is one of the prominent energy centers of the world.

Benissa Duno, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the twentieth century chose to transmit his wisdom in the Rila. The area surrounding the lakes of this mountain range has strong energies. Many sensitive visitors have felt this and seen strange dreams during their stay here.

Most Spiritual Places On Earth
Energetic Places On Earth

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(2) Machu Pichu, Peru:

“Give me silence, water, hope.
Give me struggle, iron, volcanoes.
Fasten your bodies to me like magnets.
Hasten to my veins to my mouth.
Speak my words and my blood.”

—Pablo Neruda, Heights of Machu Pichu.

Located on the hills of the Andes in Peru, this lost city of the Inca has not only been the source of inspiration for renowned poets like Pablo Neruda but is also the site of powerful energies. Reportedly, people have been said to experience eerie things that don’t belong to this world.

Spiritual Places In The World To Travel

(3)  Easter Island, Pacific Ocean:

The Chilean territory of Easter Island in Polynesia is the home to mysterious statues, 53 storehouses without doors and windows, and the ‘Naval of the World,’ a circular stone that is said to hold secrets of the world.

Scientists have not been able to find out the origin and meanings of these statues and artifacts. The spiritual place is believed to treasure some significant energies of this universe.

Most Spiritual Places On Earth
World’s Most Spiritual Places

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(4)  Berat, Albania:

A city on the banks of the Osum River, Berat, located in central Albania is now a UNESCO-protected site. It is a treasure chest of Albanian history and culture and manifests a beautiful conglomeration of eastern and western cultures. Many have reported experiencing spiritual and healing energies here.

(5)  The Pyramids of Bosnia:

The Bosnian Pyramids, located in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, have been on earth since eras, even before the Neolithic age. The radio-carbon analysis stated that they are 12,350 years old.

1000s of years older than the Egyptian pyramids, these Bosnian pyramids manifest healing energies. It has been found that there were 3 rooms and a tiny blue lake, filled with clear water, which is also known as ‘living water’ because of its healing properties.

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(6)  Socotra, Arabian Sea:

The archipelago of 4 islands, Socotra, a part of Yemen is home to some unique flora and fauna which are not found elsewhere. This peculiar flora and fauna create a feeling that one is in another world and the environment helps the visitor to get connected to the spirit of the universe.

Most Magnetic Places On Earth

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(7) The plateau of Uluru, Australia:

Located in the center of Australia, the plateau of Uluru is also known as Tiukurpa, meaning ‘Dreamtime’ by the Aboriginals. It’s said that the paintings in surrounding caves are stories from the ‘Dreamtime’ left by the ancient tribes. According to them, any visitor to this place will receive spiritual visions.

(8)  Peak Kailash, Tibet:

Significant to both Hinduism and Buddhism, the peak of Kailash, located in Tibet is known to be the abode of Gods. This summit spreads a spiritual aura to those very few who manage to reach there.

Most Spiritual Places On Earth

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(9) The Sanctuary of Belintash, Bulgaria:

Located in the plateau of Belintash on the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria, this sanctuary is one of the three significant points, Belintash, Cross Forest, and Karadjob that form one of the most prominent zones of energy in Europe. The sanctuary is dedicated to the ancient Thracian God, Sabazios. Paranormal activities have been frequently reported here.

Most Spiritual Places On Earth

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(10)  Stonehenge, England:

Dedicated to the Sun, Stonehenge is located in Wiltshire, England. It is one of the most famous spiritual places and megalithic structures in the world. It is believed that it functioned as an astronomical observatory.

Most Spiritual Places On Earth

How many of these most spiritual places on earth have you visited? How many are on your bucket list? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

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Most Spiritual Places On Earth Strongest Energy Field pin
Spiritual Places On Earth Strongest Energy Field

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  1. Irene Madrid Avatar
    Irene Madrid

    My first spiritual experience happened at Stonehenge. I was shocked when a message came through: You can’t leave until you know. Since then, I have had encounters with dolphins, a wolf, stag, owl with the same strong message. Then, there is Monte Serrat! I didn’t have time to go up the funicular but ‘God” has been tugging at me that I MUST go up to the chapel.

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