10 Signs You’re Being Watched By A Guardian Angel



4. Oddly shaped clouds

Since angels are mystic creatures it is only understandable that they communicate through clouds since that it where they are watching you from. If you see figures of flora, fauna disputed shapes of feathers or even face, that it your guardian angels way of saying that they are with you, always. You can also see hearts. So now you know that it is not foolish to think that clouds do have a shape.


5. Change in temperature

You will only feel what you truly believe in. Have you ever just felt a sudden change in temperature around you while it’s normal for everyone else around you? Just like as if the temperature in the room has suddenly fallen and you’ve started to shiver or maybe sweat? Yes. That means that your guardian angel is extremely close to you. Angels travel through air molecules which is why temperature changes as they move about.


6. Feeling a presence

This often happens when you have lost someone who is really close to you and you are stuck in a helpless situation. When things get tough in life, they will be around you and you will feel it. You will constantly feel someone walking with you and keeping a watch over every move you make. This is an indication that they are trying to reach out to you or trying to protect you from any danger that is waiting ahead.


7. Hearing your name

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like someone called out your name in public loudly and you turned to find nobody? That is your angel reaching out to you. Keep a track of these incidents and how frequently they happen. This might mean something.


8. Dreams, vivid and different

Dreams are basically things we think of in our conscious mind and get stuck in your subconscious mind. We see them and forget about it as soon as our eyes open the next morning. But not all dreams are the same.  There are dreams that you see out of the blue, things that you haven’t mentioned or thought of in your conscious mind and somehow you remember them very clearly for a long period of time. You don’t just remember it in bits and pieces but rather very vividly so much that you can explain it to someone else too. These dreams might mean something important, something vital that your angel is trying to tell you. Think about it carefully and do not brush it off.


9. Enhanced Senses

Suddenly going down the stairs and you smell something beautiful whereas the person with you cannot? It felt like you were happy from within and as if it would end if you took a step further? Yes that it your guardian angel saying that they are happy for you and the choices you have been making.


10. Oddly acting electronics

Angels have frequencies that can clash with that of electronics. Hence they can start acting up. The sudden change of channels or maybe sudden shut down of the device and restarting all by itself might mean that your guardian angel is trying to communicate.