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10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law and How To Deal

10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law and How To Deal

5. Don’t get into conflicts, but take a stand for yourself.

No matter how much you fight with her, it will be of no use, because she will always find a way to insult you. Be smart about her and the situation you might be in. Let her indulge in all the dirty tactics, smear campaigns, mud-slinging, and finger-pointing; you stand your ground without compromising on your dignity.

Never let her pull you down to her level, and make you do and say things that you will regret. Maintain your self-respect and honor, by not giving in to her manipulative and horrible tricks.

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6. Set strict boundaries.

One of the best ways to handle a toxic mother-in-law is by setting boundaries, and no matter how much she might try to emotionally blackmail and manipulate you, stand by your boundaries. Don’t give her free reign and make her feel that she can do whatever she wants to do, just because you have married her son.

Can she come over anytime she wants? Can she tell you how to raise your children? Can she decide what kind of a wife you should be? Can she dictate whether you should be a working mom or a stay-at-home mom? It’s important to draw strict boundaries, to keep toxic people in line, and out of your life.

7. Take the help of your spouse.

Your spouse can play a huge part in keeping your mother-in-law’s toxicity in check. If he is oblivious to her shenanigans, then make him understand what she is doing, and how everything is affecting your mental peace. He needs to be on your team, and not play along with his mother’s games.

He needs to make her understand that you are a part of the family now, and you don’t deserve what she is putting you through. Your spouse needs to make her understand her revamped position in the family hierarchy, and always take a strong stand for you, whenever you are being put through something unfair.

8. Know that she might not change. Ever.

Do not keep on trying to change her, and her poisonous nature, because chances are she will never change her ways. You might keep on trying to solve all the problems, try to straighten out all the fights, and even try to improve yourself by giving her the benefit of doubt, but the truth is that she will never change.

After a point, you need to accept the fact that you cannot make everything and everyone better. So it’s better to accept something for what it is, and focus on yourself, and your marriage.

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Dealing with a toxic mother-in-law can be a hell of a task, but no matter how tough it might prove to be, do not let her get to you and your relationship. Remember these pointers and don’t let her toxicity and manipulation bother you anymore.

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10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law
Signs Toxic MotherInLaw How To Deal Pin
Toxic Mother-In-Law
Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law pin
10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law and How To Deal
Signs Toxic Mother-In-Law pin
10 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law and How To Deal
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