How You Tell A Lie Based On Your Zodiac Sign

how tell lie zodiac sign

No matter how good of a person someone might be, the fact remains the same: everyone lies. Every person has lied at least a few times in their lives, and there is no denying that or hiding from that. Sometimes how you tell a lie can depend on what your zodiac sign is. Yes, you heard it right! Your zodiac sign can play a major role in the way you lie.

Yes, honesty is the best policy, but is it really fair to expect people to always tell the truth? In certain situations, when telling the truth might end up aggravating the situation more, it’s lying that saves the day. This might sound morally wrong, but it is what it is. So, how do you really tell a lie? Read on to find out the answer to that question.

Here Is How You Tell A Lie Based On Your Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

how tell lie zodiac sign aries

You lie with conviction.

When it comes to lying, Aries can be a pro at it. You will lie with such conviction and passion, that the other person ends up believing you very easily. You don’t decorate or exaggerate your lies much, and you keep your fibs short and to the point. Arians will always give their all to prove that they are telling the truth so that no one can ever distrust them and their words.


2. Taurus

how tell lie zodiac sign taurus

You lie by believing your lie to be the absolute truth.

You focus on the lie so deeply, that you yourself start believing it to be the actual truth. You are so convincing to yourself and others, that for a moment you forget that you are lying. You do this because deep down inside you know that if you don’t believe the truth enough, then it might give you away and chip away at your facade.


3. Gemini

how tell lie zodiac sign gemini

You lie convincingly on the spot.

As a Gemini, your imagination is your biggest asset, and you are always able to lie through your teeth, whenever the need arises. You are so good at lying, that you can come up with amazing and convincing lies on the spot, without giving too much effort. Even when you don’t have a real reason to lie, you will still do so, just to keep everything interesting.


4. Cancer

how tell lie zodiac sign cancer

You lie by putting a lot of emotion in it.

When you lie, you always lie with a lot of emotion because you want to make sure that it looks and sounds authentic. The more emotion you put into it, the more believable your lie becomes. Even if someone does not believe what you are saying, they will still feel uneasy to point it out or investigate it more. Bonus: why would someone even try to question you, when your eyes are full of tears and you are on the verge of breaking down?


5. Leo

how tell lie zodiac sign leo

You lie by making a performance of it.

Leos are known to be flamboyant and limelight lovers, so naturally how you lie is also descriptive of that. You will probably practice your lie over and over again, zero in on the right tone and attitude, and rehearse the whole thing until it’s absolutely perfect. You will not just lie, you will put up an exhilarating performance, and influence people to believe every word you say to them.


6. Virgo

how tell lie zodiac sign virgo

You lie by putting in hundreds of details in it.

Before you lie to someone, you make sure that you plan it out properly and think of everything from every perspective, so that there is absolutely no room for error. You will analyze every little thing, and detail, and try to make sure that it’s the perfect lie. Virgos are so logical and analytical, that there will be hardly any chance for their lies to fall flat on their face.


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