You’re Not Broken, Just Bent

Not Broken Just Bent

It is what it is and it will get better.

2. Know and tell yourself over and over that you deserve love.

you deserve love
You’re Not Broken, Just Bent

I have a number of clients who will say that they feel that they are too broken for anyone to want to love them. This is so wrong. Remember I told you that EVERYONE feels broken at some point or another? Everyone. Don’t succumb to that negative self-talk that says you are too broken. You are not broken. You are bent and even in your bent shape, you are still attractive and you are still deserving of love.

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3. You need to feel those feelings, don’t bury them.

That’s pretty much an answer for everything and there is a reason. It’s so much easier to bury your feelings when you feel broken. It hurts! The pain can feel like too much, but when you do, it just makes them worse. Feelings don’t stay that way when you bury them. They morph and rot and change into something very unhealthy.

4. Focus on what you can do and praise yourself for it.

Focus on what you have left that is functional. You are still there underneath the pain. Focus on what is working in your life.

5. Envision your resilience.

Don’t just hope for it. Know that every second that ticks by, your resilience is growing because you are getting through this. Emotional resilience is created through our brokenness.

I want you now to envision your cracks filling up with light. I want you to see the gaping spaces where you feel broken wide open reforming and building themselves into a better version of you.

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6. See beyond your brokenness.

Mark Nepo said, “To be broken is no reason to see all things broken.” When we are in a place of pain, it’s hard to see beyond it. But look up. No, really! Turn your face up to the sky and lookup. It is vast. There is so much beyond your brokenness and you are a part of that. You are going to choose to live, to love, to trust, and to dance again. Keep that on your horizon as you walk through this journey.

You, beautiful strong being are not broken. You’re just a little bent.

Written by: Dr. Zoe Shaw
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Republished with permission. 
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You’re Not Broken, Just Bent
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Dr. Zoe Shaw

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