What Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely Wants & Needs In A Partner

What Each Zodiac Sign Absolutely Wants & Needs In A Partner

We’re all looking for that one person who understands us and complements us. We look for partners who fulfill our needs. But often enough, we don’t even fully know what we really need and figuring out what your significant other needs is definitely not easier.

We all have certain attributes and features that are pre-determined by the zodiac sign we are born under. In the same way, our signs also determine our needs. Keep reading to find out more about the different signs.

The One Thing That Your Partner Absolutely NEEDS From You According To Their Zodiac Sign

1. Aries

Someone who always puts the truth first.

If you are dating an Aries, you’ll need to prepare yourself to be able to communicate in an open and straight forward manner. The sign of the ram indicates boldness and transparency. They prefer people who put things bluntly, even in an unpleasant situation.  They’ll put all their cards on the table and expect others to do the same. Aries will also want someone adventurous and inspiring who will keep them entertained.

2. Taurus

Someone who is willing to help them open up.

A Taurus will usually put on a brave face and pretend they are doing just fine no matter how much pain they are in. It’s difficult for them to open up about their emotions so they need partners who will help them express themselves. They need a lover who can make them feel comfortable while gently nudge them into talking about their issues.


3. Gemini

Someone to anchor them.

Gemini likes to be everywhere at once. They have short attention spans but are interested in so many things that they are constantly flying around from one thing to another. But sometimes they overwhelm themselves with all their interests so they need a partner who can help them stay focused and calm. They also tend to get bored easily so it is essential that you keep things interesting for them while maintaining a cheery and positive vibe.


4. Cancer

Someone who can meet their expectations

Naturally loving and nurturing, Cancers are very generous and will give their lover the very shirt of their backs if it will make them smile. They do whatever they can to show their partners how much they care for them but they are also idealistic so in return, they expect the same and more. Of course, it is not easy to live up to those ideals so Cancers often find themselves deeply disappointed when their partners fall short. Since they give it their all, they need someone who is willing to do the same.


5. Leo

Someone who is serious but light-hearted.

Leos breeze through life with all the self-assurance of an actual lion. And it is only natural for them to want a partner with the same attitude towards life.  They can be very happy-go-lucky at times but they don’t like people who pull them down and they don’t like complications. Hence, they look for partners who are in it for the long run. Don’t try to fool them because they are extremely intuitive when it comes to sensing any trickery or doubt.


6. Virgo

Someone to help them find balance.

Virgos are rational by nature but hidden deep within their hearts, they have a sentimental side which they keep carefully out of sight. They prefer to look at everything practically but at times they let their feelings guide them.  For a Virgo, their partner should be in touch with his/her feelings but not completely controlled by them. They also look for truthfulness and dependability.


7. Libra

Someone who has found serenity.

Those born under this sign are usually calm and collected no matter what and they will quickly leave any relationship that shows signs of turbulence. A Libra won’t even consider a partner who disturbs the peace and positivity they surround themselves with. They also look at relationships as a fair partnership between equals so never treat them like they’re inferior to you.

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