7 Words Every Struggling Adult Child Needs To Hear From Their Parents


What Every Adult Child Needs To Hear: Important Phrases

When we go through the process of maturing, there will be times when it feels like we can’t shoulder the burden of our duties. Here are some words that every adult child needs to hear, when everything seems overwhelming.

Even impossible at times; and in these moments what matters most is not advice or encouragement but simply understanding – validation for how hard things really are.

The problems you’re facing aren’t your fault alone – many people share them too! Feeling confused about which way to turn or like there’s too much on your plate is completely normal.

And the journey of being a parent doesn’t change or end when children become adults. Instead, it evolves into a phase where one can serve as mentors, friends, and supporters.

So, take a look at the things children need to hear from their parents!

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7 Words Every Struggling Adult Child Needs To Hear

1. “Forgive me

One of the words every adult child needs to hear is a simple “sorry”. Apologizing to your adult child acknowledges your imperfections as well as validating his/her experience.

Trust grows stronger when you admit where you went wrong, hence saying sorry becomes one way of saying I love you so much more now than ever before because despite everything else my dear son/daughter has been through this year alone.

2. “I’m very proud of you

One of the most important things children need to hear from their parents is that they’re proud of them.

Many times, children set standards beyond which they can reach. Sometimes, it breaks their self-esteem at the adulthood stage. So, other than providing constructive criticism parents should give genuine praises that make them feel worthy and motivate them towards excellence always.

3. “I’m here if ever needed

Letting your child know that no matter what happens in life there will always be someone ready and willing to listen and offer assistance whenever required gives him/her a sense of security especially living in an unpredictable world like ours currently.

Showing emotional availability reinforces the idea that we are not alone when facing different challenges encountered along life’s journey until death do us part

4. “I still love you

Reassurance about our love being consistent regardless of their shortcomings or mistakes acts as soothing balm during moments self-doubt / vulnerability.

The fact remains that people need to be reminded how much they meant to us from time immemorial even now under tremendous daily pressures those around us should never forget this truth since it could save someone else’s soul someday somehow.

5. “You’re more than good enough

Recognizing what your child has done and how much they have achieved will increase their ability to not give up and their confidence. Also, take care to point out that making mistake provides a chance for growth.

Saying they’re enough is one of the most heartfelt words every struggling adult child needs to hear

6. “It doesn’t have be anything. Just be okay

If parents tell a child “I don’t care about anything else, you just be okay,” it communicates that the child’s welfare is more important than anything.

It makes their feelings seem valid and therefore worthy of attention or understanding which creates an atmosphere where healing can happen for the inner kid who may then become emotionally stronger in future.

7. “We’re gonna make it through

Some of the words every struggling adult child needs to hear from their parents: “Everything will be fine.” The unity and hope shown by parents in such situations lights up a flame of hope within their hearts because it is only natural for them to become scared when things seem unclear from now on.

Entering into adulthood may seem scary at times but if parents provide right support then kids will thrive beyond measure.

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Make it a point to offer genuine apologies, sincere praises, endless support, and unconditional love in your family. If your parents didn’t say the words every adult child needs to hear then make it a point to become that pillar of strength for your children in the future!

words every struggling adult child needs to hear

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