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How Thoughts Can Create Life And Revive Dead Cells: Science Explains

How Thoughts Can Create Life and Revive Dead Cells

Scientists discovered that thoughts can create life. During the research, scientists were amazed by the power some words hold to revive dead cells. Want to know more? Continue reading…

They were also surprised by the incredible discovery of how thoughts influence cruelty and violence.

What led to the discovery?

Let’s start from the beginning.

Back in 1949 researchers Enrico Fermi, John Pasta, and Stanislaw Ulam were doing research on nonlinear – oscillating systems whose properties are conditioned by the process that’s going on in them. These systems, under particular circumstances, started behaving strangely.

Studies have shown that under particular circumstances the memory of the system started increasing and the information remained stored for a longer time. The most common example – the DNA molecule carries the information memory of organisms.

Even then, the scientist was asking themselves how can a simple molecule, which doesn’t possess any brain structure or nervous system, can have a memory that precise that exceeds any other modern computer.

Later they discovered the mysterious solitons.

A soliton is a solitary pulse-like wave that is found in nonlinear systems.

There was no end to the scientists’ surprise when they discovered that these waves act as conscious beings. Finally, 40 years later, scientists made some progress with this researches. By using special instruments, they managed to follow the trajectory of these waves towards the DNA sequence.

Approaching the sequence, the wave read the information completely. We can compare this to a man reading an open book, but a hundred times more precise.

During the research all the experimenters had the same question – why are the solitons acting that way and who is giving the command?

They continued their researches at the mathematical institute at the RAS ( Russian Academy of Science). The scientists tried to affect the solitons by incorporating words in the information carrier. What they saw, exceeded all their expectations – under the influence of the words, the solitons came to life.

The researchers took it a step further- they directed the waves towards some wheat seeds they had previously radiated so that the DNA sequence broke, and the cells became nonviable.

After the wheat was affected by the waves, it started germinating. Under a microscope, they discovered that the DNA that had been destroyed with radiation was actually repaired.

This confirms that thoughts can create life as well as revive dead cells.

Isn’t it amazing that words can bring a dead cell back to life?

What actually happened was that, under the influence of words, solitons mastered the force of life. The results have been confirmed many times by other scientists from Britain, France, and the USA.

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To prove that words can revive dead cells, scientists developed a special program that transformed words into vibrations and incorporated them onto the soliton waves, which later they used to affect the DNA of the seeds.

The growth and quality of the plants increased exponentially. They also experimented on animals – after animals had been treated, their blood pressure improved and their pulse stabilized.

But the researchers didn’t stop there. Together with their colleagues from different research institutions from the USA and India they did some experiments trying to figure out the influence human thoughts have on the state of the planet.

They did these experiments many times and in the last one, there were between 60 and 100000 participants. This is a big number of people.

Experiment on the influence of thoughts on the environment

A basic and essential condition for conducting the experiment was the presence of people who could create positive thoughts.

For the purpose, people willingly got together in groups and they directed their positive thoughts towards a certain point on the planet. At that time, the main point of focus was Baghdad, the capital of Iraq, where there was ongoing bloodshed.

During the experiment, the battles suddenly ceased and there was peace in the next couple of days.

you create your thoughts
Can Dead Cells Come Back To Life? Power Of Thoughts And Intentions

Also, during the experiment, the crime rate in the city dropped dramatically. Instruments that recorded a strong flow of positive energy measured the effect which the positive thoughts created.

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Scientists firmly believe that these experiments show the “materiality” of human thoughts and emotions and their incredible ability to stop evil, death, and violence.

Once again, scientific minds, thanks to their pure thoughts and intentions, proved the ancient truth – thoughts can create life and destroy it too.

The choice is ours to make because it depends on the focus of our attention whether we’re going to create, or negatively affect our environment and ourselves.

The Human life – it’s a constant choice and we can choose to live it the right way.

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thoughts can create life
Thoughts Create Life And Words Can Bring A Dead Cell Back To Life
Thoughts Create Life Revive Dead Cells Pin
Can Dead Cells Come Back To Life? There Are Words That Revive Dead Cells
How Thoughts Can Create Life and Revive Dead Cells pin

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