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Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (and why that’s okay)

Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (and why that's okay)

The Older You Get, The More You Hate People
Now that you have come of age and lived a life of an adult, you feel you hate more people than you like. Is this something directly related to growing older? I think it is. When I was young, I could get pally with people easily. I was in the state of mind to put that extra effort to keep those people in my life.

Gradually, as I grew older most people who I considered indispensable to my existence revealed their true colors. They broke my heart, betrayed my trust, and did not care to make amends.  In the beginning, it really felt bad to lose my so-called ‘close friends’, but with time I realized I was more at ease with the feeling of having no friends at all.

As you get older, the desire to please the wrong people vanishes

Why we end up with so many wrong people like our friends (at least we want to think them that way) is our desire to be a part of the ‘hot and happening’ lot, our desire to be popular. Most of us do all kinds of wrong and destructive things to impress people in our bid to be friends with them. During this phase, we ignore all the alarming signals that scream at us that we are being used by toxic people.

But with age, we gain maturity and develop eyes that show us the real picture. It does not feel good to please someone by doing harmful and humiliating things for someone else’s pleasure or fun.

I simply don’t want to put up with people who have no desire to make our friendship long-lasting. If someone just wants to play foul and derive fun from it, they are most welcome to leave because I will no longer bear with their filthy behavior.

As you get older, you don’t feel the need to add new friends

Making new friends slips off your priority list as you grow up. Having a large number of friends is not at all a great idea for me. I have had the experience, and I am well aware of what it is. This does not mean I have stopped socializing. It only means I don’t let people have access to my private life or trust them with my deepest secrets.

I am at an age where I don’t desire to make any friends. My family is all I have and though it may sound unfortunate, actually it isn’t. Believe it or not, I feel quite good about it.

As you get older, you learn to respect yourself

The day you start valuing and caring for yourself, you stop self-ruin. Usually, people wake up when they have led an adult life for some time and learn to look through illusions.

There is an urgent call within your awakened soul to stop doing things that gratify others, and indulge in activities that please you. You will find most friendships evaporating in no time. When you stop allowing people to use you like a doormat, they would dump you as for them you are useless. There will not be the slightest inclination on your part to do wild things just to be a part of a group or ensure a place on someone’s friend list.

Do you sometimes struggle to love yourself? Read 10 Every Day Must Do’s To Make You Love Yourself Better 

Instead of feeling low, you should spend time learning and improving yourself. Ultimately, it is you who is going to be there for yourself. Friends will leave you sooner or later.

If you want to know more about how the older you get the more you hate people, check out this video below:

Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (and why that's okay)
Why The Older You Get, The More You Hate People (and why that's okay)

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