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6 Reasons Why Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky

Reasons Why Friday Believed To Be Unlucky

Why is Friday the 13th unlucky?
Although we do NOT consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky, we’d love to discuss why many people believe this.

Friday the 13th – allegedly the most cursed day of our calendar, when everything is fated to go wrong. But where did we get the idea that it’s a date when bad things happen?

Here are 6 reasons why is Friday the 13th unlucky:

We’ll start from the main reason and later give more examples of why Friday the 13th – especially the number 13 – is considered to cause Bad Luck!

 Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky
Why is 13 considered unlucky

1. The Templars Curse

The Order of the Knight Templars was annihilated on Friday, October 13th, 1307. It was on this day that the Pope Clement V of the Roman Catholic Church, with the help of Philip IV, King of France, arrested and sentenced a powerful monastic military order known as the Knights Templar to death.

Philip IV ordered the torture and crucifixion of their leader.  However, because of the political and financial Power of the Order, the Day was considered a cursed day by all of their followers and this is how it remained in history. It is because of the Templars Curse why is Friday the 13th unlucky.

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2. The Last Supper

Christians consider it “bad luck” to gather 13 people to eat as 12 were Jesus Christ’s disciples + Himself who ate at the “Secret Supper”, which took place right before Jesus was arrested. Jesus died on the Cross on Good Friday. This is why many Christians consider Friday the 13th unlucky.

3. Ragnarok, the “doom of the Gods”

Similar to the Christians” Last Supper, there is a Norse Myth according to which, 12 Gods were sitting when Loki – the trickster appeared. This leads to a series of unfortunate events and the death of Baldur, a beloved God.

The story portrays the archetype of the Cosmic Cycle of Birth, Life, Death & Rebirth which apparently is similar for every scale of existence, even Gods!

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4. Olympus can have ONLY 12 Gods

It seems like the blessed Greek Mountain of Olympus has only seats for 12 Gods. According to the Ancient Greek religion, 12 were the Gods of Olympus right before Hermes (Mercury in Latin) birth.

But when Hermes, the God of Communication was born, Hades, the God of the Underworld, left Olympus to Maintain a balance of the Divine Realm.

This is why Zeus, the mighty King of the Gods, promises to his brother to give blessings so that Hades could marry Persephone and live happily in the Underworld.

5. Numerology

The number 12 is considered one of the most potent and perfect numbers (this is why the Months are 12, the Gods of Olympus are 12, etc). The number 13 equals 4 according to numerology, a number of Mars, which can bring anxiety and accidents.

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6. Apollo 13, the unsuccessful

The Apollo 13 was the 7th manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon and it was the 1st unsuccessful mission of NASA (at least for the masses). The craft was launched on April 11, 1970. To know more about this you may read Apollo 13 myths circulated online.

Not convinced about why is Friday the 13th unlucky? Well, I cannot blame you. However, if you do believe in the bad luck of Friday the 13th 2022 cast a reversing bad luck spell.

Good luck!

If you have enjoyed reading about why is Friday the 13th unlucky, drop a comment below. Feel free to share your opinions, we at The Minds Journal are happy to engage with you!

6 Reasons Why Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky
Happy Friday the 13th

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6 Reasons Why Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky pin
6 Reasons Why Friday the 13th is Believed To Be Unlucky
Why is Friday the 13th unlucky? pin
Why is Friday the 13th unlucky?

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