Which Potion Would You Drink? Your Choice Reveals What Your Soul Craves

Potion Drink Your Choice Reveals Soul Craves

This potion quiz will help you understand what your heart truly desires, and what your soul desperately craves. You will get to know yourself a bit more deeply with this interesting potion quiz.

Many people treat the ideas of potions, alchemy, and witchcraft as a joke, and some people are just plain scared of them. This is because we have only come across these practices in the fictitious world of movies, books, and television shows, and all these elements have been portrayed as negative mostly. However, the truth is far from this because potioncraft is not necessarily a malevolent practice, as advocated by society.

Potioncraft is pretty real and yes, with a little practice you can actually manifest your desires.

For many centuries, alchemists, wizards, and witches were trying to craft potions which can make their lives easier or more interesting. Here in Magical Recipes Online, we love to publish potions which – with little practice can make your dreams come true. But if you could make any potion, which potion would you drink?

Which Potion would you drink?

Take a look at our potions and think about what you desire the most. This can reveal much about what your soul thirsts for. Potions correspond to the Magic of Water. The Element of Water corresponds to our emotions and our heart’s deepest desires and fears. This test can show you much about all this.

1. The Green Potion – Stay Young Forever

Potion Drink Your Choice Reveals Soul Craves Green potion

What is it that drives you to drink a potion that keeps you young forever? Or maybe let me ask it in a different way. How would your life change?

The Green Potion means that you thirst for reconciliation with past choices. The advantage that gives you to stay young is, in fact, a subtle way to make peace with the past. If you could live in a younger body, you could make different choices and choose a different road than the one you already took.

But you know what? Your every choice actually defines who you truly are. Your energy is what actually attracted this fate and this fate is really important for you. You attracted it for a reason. (See more here – collaborating with the Universe).

“Some of the best lessons we ever learn are learned from past mistakes. The error of the past is the wisdom and success of the future.” – Dale Turner

Moreover, if you want to walk a different path, you can start right now. Remember, you are not getting old. You have so many lives ahead to live. If you need extra help on that, check our past lives oracle.

Which are the lessons? Think deeper. Behind beauty lies in harmony. This is the Virtue you need to focus on.

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2. The Blue Potion – Breathe in the Sea

Potion Drink Your Choice Reveals Soul Craves Blue potion

The second potion is what can make you a mermaid – merman. Why would you choose to become one?

To become a mermaid – merman is to actually escape from this world. You probably find it difficult to commit yourself fully in a relationship or in some aspect of your current life. Something has really left you exhausted. Something has left you drained and stripped from your magic. Your desire is to come back to the sea and dive into its endless possibilities.

“It’s amazing how quickly things can turn around when you remove toxic people from your life.” — Robert Tew

Although we can indeed help you attract and communicate with the merpeople (see all about the Witch Stones) what you really want is to break free and escape from what’s bothering you right now. You want to ‘disconnect’ with the toxic people – or toxic relationships – which keep you trapped from your true purpose.

Something that could really help you out is to find a way to achieve astral projection. In this way, you will also meet the mermaids and mermen or even travel anywhere you want. Magic is in your hands.

3. The Black Potion – Become Invisible At Will

Potion Drink Your Choice Reveals Soul Craves Black potion

This is the black potion. A magical potion that makes you invisible. You can walk and attract no attention. But why?

What you probably feel is that you can no longer choose what you truly want in your life. All your decisions are pre-maid and you can only follow them blindly. Do you feel trapped in a long-term relationship for which society has put the rules (and not you?).

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