When Your Soulmate Is Not Single, This Is Why It’s A Good Thing…


When Your Soulmate Is Not Single

When your soulmate is not single and you think to yourself, “Seriously universe, now?” Turns out, it might lead to something unexpectedly good. Curious? Read on.

Sometimes it’s a good thing when who you believe is your soulmate in this life, is not single. This might sound absurd, but it is what it is.

People spend years and years waiting for their soulmate, hoping to have the perfect relationship and finally get to end up with “The One”.

Nonetheless, not for everybody things turns out the way they are supposed to. It so happens that sometimes even when they find them, they are not single.

Who anyway do we see single nowadays? But isn’t the idea absurd of meeting the soulmate after all and not be able to do anything about it? Is there really a plan that destiny has for us then?

Sometimes, people find their soulmates in a committed relationship or even married. This brings about a fair doubt in their minds if the notion of having a soulmate in life is even a thing.

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It hardly makes sense that the destiny would create someone for you and not have them be with you. The ridiculousness of the situation seems to kill the purpose of even having a soulmate.

So is there a reason why they exist? Is it mandatory that every person has one?

When Your Soulmate Is Not Single – Here’s Why It’s Good

Here’s the answer to a collection of queries and doubts that one has when such a situation arises in life. Everything is written in everyone’s destiny. It is fate and only fate that determines when two soulmates are meant to meet each other.

When Your Soulmate is not Single, It Might Actually Be A Good Thing
When Your Soulmate is not Single, It Might Actually Be A Good Thing

There is a possibility that when you meet them, they are already in a relationship with someone else but this may be just to give them some lucidity on what they really want for themselves and what exactly do they seek in a person they intend to be in a relationship with.

What happens next is not that simple. The things take their regular course and happen when they are meant to happen.

The complexity of these circumstances lies under the likelihood of them taking away lots of learning and experiences from their existing relationship that might be crucially helpful in being conducive to the future relationship that you would have with your soulmate.

Your meeting them at the time when they are committed to someone else can help them see you through a different lens and clearly make out how exactly things would be special when they are with you. At first, it might appear too good to be true but later you realize the importance of such incidents.

Not every person is comfortable or believes in the concept of ‘soulmates’ which is why people are seldom ready to wrap their minds around the image of being with someone they are meant to be with.

It might lead them to freak out and ultimately fail at handling the gift they were blessed with. It is better to work through the challenges associated with being in a relationship beforehand.

On the other hand, people get horribly upset when they see their soulmates in a relationship with someone else. They tend to blame themselves at times for these circumstances which, in fact, they have no control over. They even begin to curse their own lives.

Little do they know about the plans God has for them. There is a big reason behind everything that happens. All you have to do is believe in yourself and have faith in your destiny for the things that you do not control.

Your presence around them works as a constant reminder about what they can have in their life. Your presence may be the Universe’s way of showing the right path to your soulmate.

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As when people are stuck in relationships they are not meant to be in, they need external help and support to get out of them and realize that settling for less can be harmful to you as well as the other person.

So however tough it may seem to see your soulmate in a relationship with someone else, you were actually sent to be their guiding light and strength they might need to be free.

It is pretty obvious that getting out of a relationship can take a while, especially for people who are oblivious to the concept of ‘soulmates’. They get so terribly entangled in an inoperable connection because of the time and emotions they have already invested in the other person.

They may not even give enough importance or consideration to their personal life and get detached from it. The fact that they are in love with you is not the only thing that would help in getting them to let go.

But as we discussed, this may be a part of the big preparation that is meant to take place before the real things begin. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance in turning this state of affairs around.

Sometimes you will have to make peace with the fact that it is not everybody’s way to walk out of a relationship just because it is not easy to handle for them.

Maybe they are not good at making the right choice for themselves and they are not courageous enough to make the move. Empathy and compassion come in the way of keeping your own interests above the other person’s.

Not for everybody things turn out the way they are supposed to, but there can be a higher reason in it for you.
When Your Soulmate Is Not Single, This Is Why It’s A Good Thing

So what is the right thing to do when things don’t go as you want, when it seems impossible for you to turn things around?

Is continuing down the same path of pursuing them the right choice? Or is friendship all you get to settle for? Well, to speak the truth, there cannot be one right answer to all these questions as it all depends on the particular circumstances.

Every set of soulmates is different from the other. What might work out for some, might not for others!

It may be concluded that if your soulmate is not single, it does not mean that it’s always bad. What happens is actually always for a great good.

You cannot allow it to become the reason for your unhappiness and it is always important to make the right choices while dealing with the ball game where your soulmate is involved.

Is your soulmate in a relationship also? Think twice before being upset, because it might be actually helpful! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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When Your Soulmate is not Single, It Might Actually Be A Good Thing
When Your Soulmate Is Not Single, This Is Why It’s A Good Thing
When Your Soulmate is not Single, It Might Actually Be A Good Thing Pin
When Your Soulmate Is In A Relationship, It Might Be A Good Thing
When Your Soulmate Is Not Single pin

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  1. Deepika S Avatar
    Deepika S

    I met my twin a very strong soul connection with a person , there were few misunderstandings and delays due to which he got into another relationship and recently got married , I was devasted and broke and dead from inside when I saw his marriage posture , why would this happen , when we can’t get along why to meet such a soul connection ,what is the point , it’s just a waste of time and heart break in return which will be never healed and always remembered . Sometimes I feel being a human itself is a curse .the most terrific world is a humans world .

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I feel the same literally, what’s the point of this strong emotions i am dying from the inside , every cell of me knows him but he will never be with me , i hate being here and i hate being humain i really think its a curse ,

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