7 Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You


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Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You

Dating in the modern age has become complicated, to say the least. One moment someone is interested in you, and before you know it, they don’t seem interested anymore. People look for love by swiping right and rely on algorithms to find their soulmate. As if this was not enough, on top of that, you also have to deal with ghosting.

Ghosting is this awful thing where someone stops talking to you or ends the personal relationship they share with you, without any warning and explanation whatsoever. They completely withdraw themselves from your life, and don’t even bother to give you any reasons for doing so; it’s as if they never existed, and you never even knew them.

If you’re someone who keeps on getting ghosted, then I can understand how devastating and heartbreaking it can feel. You might think that you’re unlovable, or you’re someone who doesn’t deserve to be in a serious, committed relationship. But you need to know that’s not true. You are not unlovable, and you do deserve to have the relationship of your dreams.

7 Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You

1. There’s nothing wrong with you, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

When someone ghosts you, it’s not a reflection of who you are, rather it shows what kind of a person they are. Being on the receiving end of ghosting can feel humiliating, I know, but remember that if anyone has to feel embarrassed, it has to be them, not you. They should have respected you enough to tell you upfront that things were not working out, instead of running away like a coward.

Not every relationship works out, but if somebody does not have the integrity and courage to let you know that they don’t see a future with you, then the problem is in them, not you. You did not deserve this treatment, and never tell yourself otherwise.

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2. If they don’t treat you with respect, you’re better off without them.

The right person will never ghost you, nor will they even think of doing so. Ghosting is done by cowards who do not have the character to even let someone know that they are ending things. Why would you beat yourself up thinking about someone who didn’t even spare a second thought towards your feelings? Why would you grieve over someone who never cared about you in the first place?

If someone ghosts you, don’t see it as a loss, rather count yourself lucky that they showed their true colors before it was too late. The right person will never disrespect you like this, nor will they ever disappear on you. Don’t make yourself miserable thinking about the person who left, because they never deserved you in the first place.

7 Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You

3. Don’t see being single as a sad thing.

Being in a committed, stable, and happy relationship is an amazing place to be, however, it’s not the answer to everything. Just like being in a relationship can feel amazing, so can being single. Love is something that should never be forced, because why would you want to be with someone who won’t love you the way you deserve? Being single is not a bad thing, and never can be.

Being in a relationship is not going to guarantee you happiness, because it is not the only way to be happy. There are lots of other things that can bring happiness to your life, and depending on someone else for that is not one of them. Your happiness depends on you and unless you are happy by yourself, you can never be happy with someone else.

4. True love doesn’t come easy in life.

Everyone wants true love in their lives, but how many are actually willing to wait for it? Books and movies romanticize love so much, that most people end up having the wrong idea about love. Love doesn’t happen in an instant, nor does it happen when you want it to happen; love will come into your life when the time is right, not before that or after that.

If you have been on the other side of ghosting, don’t think that love has turned its back on you; don’t let a cowardly person’s actions shake your faith in love. Real love takes time to knock on your door, and no matter how much you may try to rush it, it’s just not going to happen. And most importantly, don’t compare your love life with those who have found love faster, because everybody’s story is different and different doesn’t always mean bad.

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5. Everyone has been on the other side of ghosting at some point.

Believe it or not, everyone has been the victim of ghosting at some point in their lives; that’s one of the unfortunate side-effects of modern dating. Everyone at some point has had their hearts broken by someone who did not have the guts to tell them the truth. And you know what? That’s okay. It might not feel okay, but it is. Ghosting is not just limited to a few, specific people, it can happen to anyone and everyone.

So, don’t think that there’s something wrong with you and that’s why you were ghosted, or that you will die alone because you won’t. You will find the one for you, it might just take a bit more time, but you surely will.

6. Feeling heartbroken is part of the process.

If you’re feeling sad, upset, or heartbroken, know that it’s okay to feel like this. Feel all your emotions and don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be okay. You might not have known them for a very long time, but being ghosted is a difficult thing to experience. Don’t try to bottle up your feelings, or minimize your pain, because that’s just going to make everything worse.

Face your feelings and face your heartbreak head-on; only then will you be able to heal and move on. When someone abandons you without any explanation, it’s natural to feel hurt and angry. So feel what you have to feel, as this is the only way you will be able to overcome it.

Want to know more about getting ghosted? Check out this video below!

Being on the other side of ghosting

7. You WILL find someone who won’t ever leave your side.

Getting ghosted over and over again can be disheartening, but once you find the person you’ve been looking for, be rest assured that they are never going to leave. If someone is ghosting you, know that they are not the right one for you and that’s why they left. But when you find ‘The One’, they will never leave your side and hurt you like that. Ghosting can make you feel disillusioned with love, but don’t let a few crappy people destroy your faith in it.

Not every person out there is a bad person, and some actually mean it when they promise never to leave your side. So, have faith in yourself and in the Universe that you will indeed find the right person for you, and when you actually do, all of this pain, hurt and disappointment will just feel like a bad dream.

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Being on the other side of ghosting is a horrible place to be, but sometimes what you experience in life is not always in your hands. The journey of finding true love can be a rocky one, but always remember that all of that pain and heartbreak doesn’t last forever. Once you find the right person, everything will seem alright again.

Things To Remember When People Keep Ghosting You Pin
7 Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You
Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You Pin
7 Things To Remember When People Keep On Ghosting You

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