The One Usual Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The One Usual Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What You Shouldn’t Say To Each Of The Zodiac Signs: Not everyone is offended by the same things. 

The thing about words is that you can never take them back once they are spoken. This is why we should keep a check before uttering any random thing out of our mouths.

There are certain phrases and statements which trigger each zodiac sign. So to keep you on the safe side, here is the list of things you should never say to each zodiac sign.

The One Usual Phrase That Triggers You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

1. ARIES –  

“Hold Up” or “I will call you later”

People belonging to this star sign are said to be very restless and anxious by nature. They hate to be kept waiting. So never tell them lines like “I will call you later” because they are bound to over-think the situation and it will ultimately hurt their ego.


2. TAURUS – 

“you aren’t enough” “I’m watching you”

A Taurus hates his moves being sharply examined. He cannot stand people who are narcissistic and are all about self-praises. They hate people who are self-publicists. You are likely to make matters worse by increasing the pressure on them by saying things like “you aren’t enough”. They are foodies by nature. So never disrespect food in front of them.


3. GEMINI – 

“Keep quiet”

People falling under this zodiac sign are known for being very expressive which is why statements like “please shut up” or “can’t you keep quiet?” really hurt their ego and make them angry. Also, never constantly bother them about why they are quiet or why they don’t smile. They are sorted, reasoned people. They don’t do things randomly. So stop questioning them.


4. CANCER –  

“Let me speak first”

Cancerians hate being stopped or asked to delay their speeches. They find it very disrespectful. They also do not like their schedule to be changed, hence try never to change their timings once fixed.


5. LEO – 

“Xyz looks better in this”

Members of this sign are really conscious of their looks and appearance. So avoid telling them things like “that other person looks better in this” “this doesn’t suit you a lot”. This will only make you dislike you.


6. VIRGO- 

“I don’t care what you think”

Let us start off by declaring that they are grammar Nazis. For them, grammatical errors are a huge turn-off. They are really humble but they hate being disrespected. They dislike being told stuff like “your opinion doesn’t matter” “I don’t care what you think”


7. LIBRAS – 

“Decide quickly”

Everyone knows that Libras hate being rushed as much as they dislike being made to pick aside. Statements like “decide quickly” “you have to choose one of us” “make your decision. I want to know right now” puts them under immense pressure. They hate being in that situation. One minor thing that actually annoys a Libra is when they are told to lower the music volume. They are groovy quirky people by nature and they hate anyone killing their vibe.




They are very sensitive. They hate the feeling of being replaced, be it by a friend or a partner. Scorpions are also allergic to words like “ultimatum”. It creates unnecessary pressure on them and they are less likely to produce their best.



“I have the toughest life”

They are optimistic people. This is the reason why they don’t entertain people who say negative things like “My life is the toughest” “I’m really unlucky”. These people do not believe in constantly cribbing about their problems. Instead, they do everything to make it fine.  They don’t just sit with the issues. They like to find a solution to them. They are very active. They don’t like people who live their lives like a dead duck; always staying home and not wanting to go out? Sorry. We can’t be friends- said every Sagittarian everywhere in the world.

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