The Fire and Ice of Zodiacs- Ranked!

The Fire and Ice of Zodiacs- Ranked!

Some people are cold and calm like ice. Rock solid and chilled if, they take things as they come and like to be relaxed. You will see them follow the rules and procedure with innocence just to avoid any mishap.

And some are the raging flames; they stop at nothing and cut through everything. If they want to do something they do it, regardless of what the consequences. They don’t care what others have to say or what the societal norms say, they want to live their life to the fullest and no matter what comes forth, they will get over it. They embrace their savage nature.

The stars you were born under and all the galactic bodies do influence human emotions, behavior and the choice one makes thus astrologists suggest that your zodiac sign can predict if you are the calm ice or the savage fire.

The ice and fire of Zodiacs – Ranked.


12. Gemini

G is for Gentle and G is for Gemini. Gemini is the least savage of all the zodiac signs. They are chill as and if it ever comes to breaking all hell loose and going savage – the most they can do is steal or small frauds.

There are always exceptions to the horoscope rules and there are few savage people who carry this star sign such as Donald Trump, David Berkowitz, and Jeffrey Dahmer


11. Aquarius

Aquarius is calm and chill until someone decides to break the ice and step on their nerves. They are generally very calm but once someone wrongs them they don’t forgive or forget, they will have their revenge. Still they won’t go all out savage but they do reach the half scale real quick. The clever and charismatic Aquarius would make a good hustler or hacker. Manipulation is their dark horoscope trait.

Some examples of people who carry this star sign will make clear of where on savage scale this star sign lie- Gary Ridgway, Glenn Beck, Kim Jong Il

10. Leo

The lion loves to be the center of attention, and as a fire sign, they also have a vicious temper. They are passionate and they love to have all eyes on them. They want the world to watch them as they pull their stunt.

This desire for fame and power often drives them to do things that are very savage. Leos might get sucked into criminal activity for the fame!

9. Scorpio

Scorpios are very cunning. They might not commit the evil act themselves, but don’t be surprised to find them pulling all the strings out of sight! Scorpios can be jealous and very aggressive and that in wrong circumstances can be a very deadly combination. Scorpio love to influence things around them, they like to be the master of puppets and get away with bad things done without even being blamed for.

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