Haunting Reveal: What Type Of Ghost Are You? Spooky Halloween Quiz

What Type Of Ghost Are You? Fun Halloween Ghost Quiz

Discover your post-mortem persona this Halloween with the help of this sinister ghost quiz. Ready to know what type of ghost are you or will become? Let’s start now!

A ghost is an invisible, three-dimensional apparition of a departed soul that refuses to leave the mortal realm because they have “unfinished business,” such as grief, shame, regrets, or an overt attachment to the physical world.

So are you ready? Take this “what type of ghost are you quiz” now!

What Type Of Ghost Are You Quiz? Halloween Quiz

You may find out what ghost are you by completing this quiz. This is based on the choices you make and thereby generates a ghost personality for you, at the end of the quiz.

Click “START” to play this Halloween quiz now!

What Type Of Ghost Would You Be?

What Type Of Ghost Would You Be

5 Types Of Ghost: Find Out What They Are

Ghostly apparitions come in various forms. Have you encountered any? If not then below is a list of the common types of ghosts. Take a look at them for more information and what kind of ghost would you be!

What Type Of Ghost Are You? Spooky Halloween Quiz

1. The Interactive Ghost

This kind of ghost is typically that of a departed person you know, a relative, or perhaps even a historical figure.

They can communicate with you, make noise, touch you, or even release an odor like smoke or perfume, among other ways to become visible. They can still sense emotions and maintain their former personalities from when they were living.

2. The Poltergeist

Have you heard loud banging noises, noticed lights that unexpectedly turn on and off, or heard doors slam? The name “poltergeist” for this being literally translates to “noisy ghost.” They have the power to move objects, throw objects, create noise, etc. This way, they try to make their presence heard and felt.

3. Floating Ghosts Or Orbs

This type of abnormality that is most frequently photographed is orbs. They look like translucent or transparent balls of light hanging over the ground.

Orbs are thought to be the spirit of a deceased person or even an animal that is moving from place to place.

4. The Misty Ghost or Ecto-Mist

Ever notice how a mist or fog nearly appears to be swirling? In that case, you might be witnessing what paranormal researchers refer to as a ghostly mist.

These eerie encounters, which can be white, gray, or even black, have been documented in numerous recordings and photos. They have been seen frequently in open spaces, including cemeteries, battlegrounds, and historical sites.

5. Funnel Ghosts

The funnel ghost or vortex is commonly connected with a chilly area and is most typically seen in homes or ancient historical buildings. Most paranormal experts think they are a loved one coming to visit or perhaps even a previous occupant of the house as they take the form of a spinning funnel.

Did you find this ghost quiz to be interesting? Tell us what ghost are you in the comment section below!

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What Type Of Ghost Are You? Spooky Halloween Quiz
What Type Of Ghost Would You Be After You Die pinx
What Type Of Ghost Are You? Spooky Halloween Quiz

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  1. T. Miller Avatar
    T. Miller

    My preference is interactive ghost. I experience activity nearly everyday with interactive ghosts. Although I’ve experienced activity with orbs, misty ghosts and black masses, interactive are the friendliest.

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