Who Would You Save First? 7 Hard Choices To Make You Think Outside The Box

Who Would You Save First

It’s time to think differently with a fun collection of brain teasers! Who would you save first? You will have to make difficult judgments while playing these brain games, which will help you develop your skills to think creatively and promptly come up with smart decisions.

These brain games are not only perfect for improving your logical skills and ability but some of them provide psychological perceptions and tell you fascinating things about your personality.

Although solving puzzles may sound like something you did as a child, however, according to psychologists solving riddles helps to train the brain and increase memory and cognitive function.

Our individual perspectives and ways in which we see and solve a problem are what separate us from others. Here are 7 fun tests and riddles that can help you work through your mental strength and even reveal your hidden qualities!

Who Would You Save First Games To Test Your Brain Power And Hidden Personality

1. Who Would You Save First – Someone’s Child, Your Dog, or $10 Million?

Who Would You Save First Child Dog money

During times of stress panic and do things that can be foolish sometimes. What would you do? This is exactly what this fun test is about. It will help you become sharper and think logically.

In this scenario, there is only one seat in your boat and you can only save one of them. Who would you save first? – the child, your dog, or a bag full of $10 Million?


Notice carefully, there are three things – a little boy who can’t swim, a dog and a suitcase full of money. But you only have one seat in the boat. Who do you want to save?

Who Would You Save First Someones Child result

Correct Answer:

It can be stressful to pick one but you should save the child first as in a situation of survival, the life of a human matters more than material things like money.

Who Would You Save First dogs can swim

Dogs can swim. Yes! Most dogs are natural swimmers and hence even if you saved the boy first, the dog will be able to follow you and swim easily to the shore by itself.

Who Would You Save First Child Dog money result

Lastly, the little boy is secure and the dog can swim itself to the shore. You have the chance to swim back and carry the suitcase with you. This way, you don’t miss out on any of the three things.

2. Who Would You Save First Quiz – A Kid, An Old Woman, Or A Pretty Lady?

Who Would You Save First Kid Old Woman Pretty Lady
  1. Someone’s kid
  2. An old woman
  3. A pretty girl

Focus and look around carefully. Who will you save?


In the second scenario of this riddle there are three people drowning, a little girl, an old woman, and a beautiful lady, but the catch is that you can only allow one person to climb on the raft. Who would you choose?

Who Would You Save First save Old Woman

The logical answer would be to save the old woman first. As she is old, staying for too long in the water can be dangerous for her, once she gets to sit on the raft you will notice something on the raft.

What is it?

Well, it’s a rope. What do you think you can do with a rope?

Once the old lady is up with the help of the rope. As we know that the rope is used as one of the most secure equipments for rescuing lives.

Who Would You Save First save Kid Pretty Lady

With the help of the old lady, you can lay out the rope and make both the child and lady hold onto the rope and safely bring them to the shore.

3. Who Would You Save First? Father or Sister?

Who Would You Save First Father or Sister
  1. Father
  2. Sister

Who will you save?

Imagine these two scenarios: In one your sister is dangling from a rope and a shark is awaiting below, ready to devour her if she lets go. In the second,  your father is dangling on a rope and there is fire underneath him.

Who will you save first?


The correct answer would be to save your father first. He is physically stronger than you and will be able to help you save your sister from being eaten by the shark.

Who Would You Save First save Father

4. Who Would You Save First If They’re Drowning? Tricky Test

Who Would You Save First mother daughter sister

You take a boat ride with your mother, daughter and sister. Suddenly your the three of them fall into the river at the same time. Who would you save first?

There are a few things to keep in mind here. The water is cold and the three of them don’t know how to swim. You can only save one person, who will you save?


The correct answer in this who would you save quiz, is that you need to save your mother. She is old and will not be able to withstand the cold water for too long. But you must be wondering how can you just save your mother and leave two others to drown?

Well, we have the perfect solution

Once you’ve saved your mother, she can help you save your daughter, and after that you all can save your sister.

Who Would You Save First Drowning save mother

5. Who Will You Help First? Tricky Riddle

Who Will You Help First Tricky Riddle

There are three options for you – The man? The little girl? Or The pretty woman? It’s all up to you!

In this scenario, a car met with an accident and fell from the slope into a ditch. The car driver has fallen unconscious and along with him are two other people, a little girl, and a pretty woman.

Now, among these three, who would you save first? Think carefully!


The first rule of any emergency situation is to help the person injured or in need of medical treatment.

So you need to assist the injured guy who lying unconscious. Go and get medical attention from the ambulance that is located over the hill. The attractive woman and young girl are not seriously injured, so they may rescue themselves or wait until the man is alright.

Who Will You Help First Tricky Riddle result

6. Who Would You Save First? Psychological Tests

Who Would You Save First Psychological Tests

When under pressure, our choices tell a great deal about our personalities. This personality test does precisely that.

You only need to take a good look at the image below and decide which person you will save.

You should have an immediate response in mind. But try not to overthink things. Analyze the image and think about what you would do first if you found yourself in the scenario shown below!

After selecting one, scroll down to see what it says about you.

A. If You Save Your Family

Who Would You Save First save family
Who Would You Save Game

Even though the rest of the world is there, there is no one like your family. To you, the love of family is most important because they support you in a way nobody else can. You know that no matter what you do, you will find a new friend, perhaps move on and find a lover, but there’s nothing like having a parent loving, or caring for you.

B. If You Save Your Best Friend

Who Would You Save First save best friend

It indicates that friendship is a significant aspect of your life if you decide to save your best buddy before anyone else.

When you take a large tumble, you can be sure they’ll be there to catch you. You believe that your friends are the type of family you have chosen, and you will do everything it takes to keep them safe.

C. If You Save Your Lover

Who Would You Save First save lover

You are someone who is drawn to living a life filled with the shades of love. You think that as long as you are with someone you love, everything will be okay.

Your family and friends are equally important to you, but you still think that true love only happens once.

D. If You Save Money

Who Would You Save First save money

Among all the people in the world, if you thought about saving money, it probably means that you’re one of those people who love money more than you love your family and friends.

But, this definitely doesn’t mean that you are a bad person, it just means that far too many people have disappointed you. So, you’d rather keep the money rather than be disappointed even more.

7. Psychological Test #2: Who Will You Help First?

Psychological Test Who Will You Help First
Who Would You Save First Quiz? 7 Hard Choices To Make

In this scenario, there is a busy street along with 4 important characters that you need to help. One is the old man with a walking stick who needs to cross the street. The second is a cat wandering in the street, the third one is a lady who is carrying a heavy load. And finally, a man who is repairing his car that has been broken down.

Who will you help first? Take a good look and read the results below to know what it symbolizes and says about you!

A. If You Help The Old Man…

Who Will You Help First help old man

The image makes it clearly evident that the elderly man needs support when walking.

Helping him out indicates your commitment to traditional values and your reverence for elders.

Your willingness to help people despite knowing them shows your compassion. You believe you can make a positive contribution to the world, and you feel obligated to help them.

B. If You Help The Cat…

Who Will You Help First help cat

The cat is most likely the only creature in the image who does not urgently require help. Picking it shows that you are a laid-back person. The major issues facing this world don’t affect you.

Due to your positive disposition, you have faith in the well-being of those around you.

C. If You Help The Lady…

Who Will You Help First help lady

The woman in the photo is seen carrying some larger items. You are a born leader if you help her first. You don’t want the woman to trip or to drop the items.

This illustrates your ability to lead others. You give a helping hand to others and put their needs ahead of your own.

D. If You Help The Man Whose Car Has Broken Down…

Who Will You Help First help man

If you decide to help the man, it will be clear that your brain is biologically driven by altruism. No matter where you go, anytime you encounter someone in need, you will immediately lend a hand.

The key to enjoying your best life may just lie in helping others.

So, did you make hard choices or fun choices? Let us know your answers and thoughts about these tricky quizzes in the comments below!

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