Shape Personality Test – Pick A Geometric Shape To Discover Your True Self


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Pick Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits

The shape personality test is a basic but incredibly informative and fun quiz. All you have to do is pick one of the five shapes from the list of geometric shapes below.

Such personality shapes test is a tool used to assess human traits and behavior. It is designed to measure the characteristic patterns that people exhibit across various situations – in this case picking a geometric shape that resonates with you.

This personality shapes quiz has been created to find out how you make the smallest decisions, what are your positive or negative traits, etc. 

Choose A Geometric Shape: Simple Personality Test

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits

So what are you waiting for? Let’s check this geometric shape personality test. Remember that this quiz is only a fun test so don’t take it too seriously.

Look at the picture and all you have to do is to look at the given geometric shapes in this shape personality test. So, which geometric shape are you resonating with?

Once you have clearly identified a shape that matches your personality, scroll down to find out what it means.

Geometric Shape Personality Test To Reveal Your True Self

Results For The Geometric Shape Personality Test

1. If You Choose Square

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits square

You’re a tireless worker and always strive for perfection. You like a structured and organized environment in which you have everything neatly organized, whether it is your home or workplace as it helps you to concentrate better.

You’re tenacious and make sure to get things done and will not tolerate sloppy work. In your personal life, you like to plan things and lead a regular life as you’re not a big fan of unexpected surprises.


  • You’re determined and a hard worker
  • Organized, knowledgeable, and logical
  • Perfectionist and compulsive to detail
  • Tends to procrastinate over major decisions
  • Uncomfortable with conflict and emotions
  • Stubborn or resistant to change

2. If You Choose Triangle

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits Triangle

The triangle is a symbol of leadership and focus. So if you spot this first then it means that you’re the kind of person who is fixated on your goals and doesn’t get easily deviated. You’re outspoken, and a confident person. But you hate being proved wrong and find it difficult to admit mistakes. However, your skills allow you to quickly analyze situations and make sound decisions in life.


  • Ambitious and career-oriented
  • Extremely competitive nature
  • Always has to be right
  • Respected by others
  • Great problem solver
  • Focused on goals

3. If You Choose Rectangle

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits circle

Just like the square, a rectangle symbolizes structure; however, it is also a transitional form of the square. So, if you spotted this, it means that you’re not satisfied with your life and are busy looking for changes.

You can be bogged down with feelings of uncertainty and low self-esteem. However, you have impeccable courage and a thirst to try things you’ve never done better. Your honest and positive spirit is something that keeps you going.


  • Unsure or lack of confidence
  • Unpredictable and doubtful
  • Always searching enlightenment
  • Open to new ideas and people
  • Prone to emotional outbursts 
  • Pacifist and avoids conflict

4. If You Choose Circle

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits circle

The Circle is a symbol of harmony. If you choose this shape it means that you’re the social butterfly and the glue that holds everyone together, be it your friends or family. You have high compassion and empathy for others and can feel their pain and joy as your own.

You may not be the most logical person but you’re creative and more emotionally charged. You’re seen as a nurturing soul who loves to take care of people especially when they’re in deep problems.

You’re always trustworthy and but due to your empathetic nature, you have a hard time saying no to your many of your friends


  • Compassionate and cares about others
  • Tries to maintain peace in relationships
  • Good communicator and listener
  • Sociable and easygoing
  • Sentimental and nurturing
  • Often feels waves of sadness

5. If You Choose Zig-zag

Geometric Shape Discover Personality Traits zig zag

If you picked this first then it means that you’re open-ended, most creative, and highly conceptual but not a very detailed person. You have a lot of ideas both good and bad with a short attention span.

It is also a symbol of creativity. However, the Zig-zag also means that the person cannot stick in one place for a long time. They get bored easily and want to discover so many other interesting things to see and experience!


  • Attractive and inspiring in nature
  • Creative and unique
  • Able to produce great and new ideas
  • Always challenges the status quo
  • Energized by change
  • Is free-flowing and independent

Did you have fun playing this personality shapes quiz? If yes, then share your thoughts in the comments below along with your answer!

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