Find Out What Your Lip Shape Says About Your Personality

Lip Shape Says About Your Personality

According to face-reading science, your lip shape is one of the key indicators of your personality. Whatever emotions we feel on the inside- happiness, grief, anger, or irritation- the first physical expression of it happens through our lips. We communicate our thoughts verbally and with the help of expressions, which mainly involves our mouth. Hence, experts around the world are suggesting a deep connection between our lip shape and the underlying psychological makeup.

Sharing feelings, like shyness, fondness, and sarcasm through gestures of our lips is such a common and natural thing to do! We at Minds Journal, have decided to take a closer look at different lip shapes and the personality they reflect. Here are 10 types of lip shapes- differentiated on the basis of size, plumpness, and cupid’s bow- and their personality implications.

1. Naturally large and puffy lips

Naturally large puffy lips

Celebrity with this lip shape- Anne Hathaway

People who have naturally large and plump lips, upper and lower lips almost evenly plump, are empathetic human beings, and display strong maternal instincts. They find happiness in caring for others and instinctively nurture and protect their loved ones. Their parenting skills are praise-worthy, and their warm-hearted nature makes them popular animal lovers too. They actively work to safeguard stray animals, and also enjoy keeping many types of pets.

2. Small bee-stung(plump) lips

Small bee stung lips

Celebrity with this lip shape- Scarlett Johansson

People with small, bee-stung(plump) lips prioritize themselves above everything else. But this doesn’t mean they are selfish human beings. It’s just that they understand that if they fail to look after themselves then no one else will! So, they always put their interest before others’. At first glance, these people appear to be self-obsessed, but in reality, they are compassionate towards their friends and family, and also a little mischievous and flirty!

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3. “Goldilocks” lips

Goldilocks lips

Celebrity with this lip shape- Emma Stone

People with “Goldilocks” lips have medium-sized, balanced lip shape, both upper and lower lips are almost the same size, neither being too fat or too thin. Such people are also blessed with balanced personalities. Their manners are perfectly poised, and they hardly ever overreact. Because of their stable and mature nature, friends approach them for advice, and being good listeners, they are able to provide the emotional support others seek.

4. Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Celebrity with this lip shape- Kirsten Dunst

People with thin lips love solitude. They are the perfect example of extroverted introverts– people who are loners at heart, although naturally good at socializing. They prefer some quality time with themselves over social gatherings. Since they enjoy being alone, they have also learned to be independent and self-reliant. In relationships, they are compatible with partners who have clear-cut life goals.

5. Peaked cupid’s bow

Peaked cupid bow

Celebrity with this lip shape- Taylor Swift

People with lips that have a peaked cupid’s bow look adorable and are full of creative energy. They are always exploring new ways to express their creativity and enamor people with the artistic outcomes of their ventures. They also possess good oratory skills, which gives them an edge in social interactions. However, being creative also makes them impulsive by nature, which often leads to bad decisions.

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