Spirit Stone Quiz: Which Stone Is Connected To Your Spirit?

What Is Your Spirit Stone? - Quiz

What Is Your Spirit Stone?

Stones, crystals, and gems have a long history of healing practices in almost every culture and tradition since the beginning of human history. Crystals can be used as powerful and transformational tools for energy and healing.

They have been known to enhance and amplify energy.  Placing certain crystals in strategic places in your house or workplace can actually have noticeable effects on the environment in which they reside.  Even carrying certain crystals in your pocket can have great benefits to the person.

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In the following quiz, you will find out which stone is most connected to your spirit.

What Is Your Spirit Stone? - Quiz

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  1. Leumarian Seeded Crystal
    This stone represents wisdom. You’re the person who everyone comes to to get advice. You seem to have all the answers to everything. Your maturity is something that has always helped you become more of a strong and independent person who can help himself.

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