What Type of Father Is Your Dad? and What Kind of Dad Are You? QUIZ

Type Father Dad Are You

What type of father is your dad? Mommy dad? Buddy dad? Sporty? Cool? Nerdy? Or Comedian dad? And what kind of dad are you? Are you a better father than your father is? Being a mother is the toughest job in the world, but being a father is not at all a cakewalk. A child’s needs for his father are separate and distinct.

By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he has a son who thinks he is wrong

We at Mind Journal are very much fond of quizzes and personality tests that help you know yourself and others better.
Fathers day is almost near, so here is a special two-in-one quiz post for you.

This post is designed to help you know the two most important things: 

  1. What type of father is your dad and 
  2. What kind of dad are you

In short, you have to take two quizzes back to back!
Trust me, you’re gonna love it!

Quiz 1. What type of father is your dad?

If you are racking your brain to find the best gift for your dad on father’s day, then this short test will surely help you figure out what is going on in his mind. 

You need to answer just 5 simple questions about your father and in less than a minute, we will display the results.
Each question comes with four to five options. Choose the best fit! Answer it spontaneously, without thinking much. There are no personal questions, so nothing to worry about!

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Once you’ve got the results, head on to the next quiz!

Quiz 2. What kind of dad are you?

The one who always wants to do something exciting with his family and give new experiences to his children? Or the one who doesn’t conform to society’ standards and teaches kids to forge their own path? Take this quiz to know!

This is also a six-item short quiz designed to know your choices and preferences. Based on your answers, we will decode the kind of dad you are just in a few seconds. 

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Now since you have completed both quizzes and have results at your hand, let us know what kind of dad you are? Same as your father? Or use a different style of parenting for your kids? 

Please know that we won’t judge you at all. No matter what kind of father you have, and what kind of dad you are, always remember that all fathers love their children unconditionally. The way of expressing love differs for each of them. 

Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in the world!

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