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What Is Your Soul Element? QUIZ

What Is Your Soul Element

Do you know the elements of nature and your soul are intertwined? Is your soul pure as Fire? Calm as Water?  Or driven by Air or grounded as Earth? Soul element determines why you do what you do. Take this quiz to know what is your soul element. 

According to ancient Greeks, everything in this world is made of four elements – earth, water, air, and fire. This theory was suggested around 450 BC but continue to be the cornerstone of philosophy, science, and medicine even today. 

Here are four elements of nature and what they say about your temperament:


Those with soul element air are very logical, rational and clever.
Some of them can also be very quiet and bookworms.
That said air is also an element of speech, so some of them can also have good communication skills. 


People with soul element earth have a positive attitude towards life and people.
They love interacting with everyone but prefer solitude.
Although they attract everyone with a sweet nature, they maintain a small, close group of friends. They are also animal lovers!


People with this soul element are beautiful and attractive.
But, some people may find them dangerous and unpredictable.
They can lose temper over trivial things, but love to push other people’s buttons. 


People with this soul element hurt others when angry, even if it doesn’t make any sense.
On the other hand, when they are calm and undisturbed, they are the best people to be with.
One can seek solitude and strength from them.  

Do you want to know the right element of your soul? 

Take this soul element quiz now!

This short, simple and fun quiz will ask you some questions about how you like to live, beverages you prefer, your interests and so on. Answer them honestly and spontaneously, so that we can connect the right element to your soul. 

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What Is Your Soul Element? QUIZ
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What Is Your Soul Element? QUIZ

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