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Can You Pass The Color Intelligence Test? QUIZ

Can You Pass The Color Intelligence Test

Do you understand colors in a more advanced and nuanced way? Or weigh and consider colors and apply them in a concrete way? Find out with this color intelligence test!

We at Mind Journal, have come up with a new quiz to assess how good are you with colors and if you have a brilliant idea of coming up with a new shade by combining different colors. 

If your mind understands color in an advanced and nuanced way, then you are a highly abstract and creative thinker. It means you have a high color intelligence! You don’t go by what is obvious, rather than think through scenarios in a sophisticated way. 

You know how to take new approaches in life using your intuition and imagination. People admire you for your inventive thought process. People with high color intelligence are also able to discover new stuff and conquer the world that haven’t been found yet. 

On the other hand, if you understand and apply colors in a concrete way, then you are very practical, methodical, and sensible. You try to solve complex problems with realistic solutions. People admire you for your thoughtful and realistic nature and this makes you an asset in any social setting.

How good is your color instincts? Are you practical and sensible? Or intuitive and imaginative? 

Take this color intelligence test now!

This quiz comprises 10 questions each one with an image containing a set of colors say red and blue. And you have to guess which color do you get if you mix the given two or three colors. 

Only when you complete all the questions, we will reveal your color intelligence.
Are you ready?

Click Let’s Start 

If you find this post interesting and fun, let us know in the comments below. We are happy to hear from you! Also, feel free to share the test with your friends 🙂

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Can You Pass The Color Intelligence Test? QUIZ

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