Are You An Idealist, Realist, Or Surrealist? Find Out With This QUIZ

idealist realist or surrealist

Are you an idealist, surrealist, or realist? Can we guess right about you?
Find out who you are with this short and interesting quiz.


If you recognize yourself as an idealist then you are optimistic in nature.
You believe this world can always strive to be a better place.
Idealists view the world more from the lens of perfection rather than through the lens of realism – just as it is.


Realist people view the world as it is, flawed, with practicality.
They are honest and straightforward; accept and deal with things as they are.
These people do not believe in having a perfectionist view of the world.


Surrealists are the ones who are imaginative in nature, sliding in between realism and idealism.
Your mind works in the abstract, your imagination is powerfully vivid and you see the world from a unique and creative perspective.
You notice details and symbols in everyday things that most people don’t take the time to observe

Are you not excited to find out which one you are?

Play The Color Quiz And Know Your True Nature

This test is all about your color choices as in what kind of colors and shades you are drawn to when looking at flowers, butterflies, clothes, buildings, statues, landscapes, abstracts and other objects. You may have one favorite color, but depending on the situation, you may be inclined to different colors.

So, the test will present you 10 images.
Look at each image carefully and select the color that you are most drawn to.
Based on how you perceive colors, we will instantly reveal who you are – idealist, surrealist or realist!

You are surely going to enjoy playing this game with colors and feelings.

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Are You An Idealist, Realist, Or Surrealist? Find Out With This QUIZ

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