What’s The Current Color Of Your Aura: Personality Test

Current Color Of Your Aura

Have you ever thought about what kind of color your aura could be? This personality test will reveal the current color of your aura.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds every creature that exists. A form of energy emanating from your body, your aura can tell a lot about you, from your personality to your innermost emotions and conflicts.

Over time the color of our auras changes as our energy morphs and changes as well. This is most often in response to inner turmoil, emotional changes, or personal growth and it’s a direct reflection of our personalities. It follows that whatever color your energy is currently vibrating at, at this exact moment in life, is a direct manifestation of all your thoughts and desires on a deeper unconscious level.

This simple quiz filled with beautiful images will provide the answer for you.

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It examines what your natural instincts and reactions to the series of questions have to say about your overall personality, and in effect, the color of your aura will then be revealed. Try it now to see what you get, have fun with it, and enjoy it!

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The Way You React To These Images Will Reveal The Current Color Of Your Aura.
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35 thoughts on “What’s The Current Color Of Your Aura: Personality Test”

  1. Avatar of Gail

    Quite accurate well done ! I lied in 1 question and retook the test and my aura is still blue! The colour Blue signifies all that is true in my life. Excellent, Gail

  2. Avatar of Richa yadav

    Amazing ur results were so close great job n effort to design such a great test I’m glad I took it to be aware about myself

    1. Avatar of Amanda Nielsen

      Accurate for me too.

      Shades of Purple: You are mysterious, exciting and passionate! At times you are driven by passion and determination, and at times you find yourself being removed and detached. People find it hard to figure you out, and it draws them closer to you. You are full of surprises, and spending time with you is always fun and entertaining! You care deeply about friends and family, even though you may not always show it, and you often dream about making all your dreams come true.

    1. Avatar of Angel Myne

      that doesn’t ask anything but what you think of pictures lol. that is not ‘getting any real information’ because you can retake it and experiment lol. while some of these things Are great for that, this one isn’t one of those lol.

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