What Element is Your Spirit? Air, Water, Earth or Fire?

# Water Element

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Water Spirits are here to heal through the aspects of art, music, and creativity. Highly intuitive, they are very experimental with their creative side and explore it all with an open mind and heart. Water elements are very sensitive to their surroundings and they can easily tap into people’s energy, it also happens even when they are not aware of it. They have a gift of intuition and can tap into other people quite easily.

A water element can awaken through simply by knowing who they are and allowing their creativity to flow free. A water element is non-conformist and when forced to conform they lose their balance and are out of sync.

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When out of balance they are left feeling drained and overwhelmed. They become over sensitive and feel depressed and anxious. It becomes very important for a water sign to deal with their emotional side. Shedding that energy residue through tears helps a lot.

Do you connect with any of these spirit elements or more than one? I personally connect with all of them. It is beautiful and empowering at the same time to get a deeper understanding of self.

What Element is Your Spirit Air, Water, Earth or Fire

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spirit element: Air, Water, Earth or Fire

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