Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities


Astrology Cheat Sheet To Read Zodiac Personalities

Do you know that our sun sign can reveal only a part of our personality? Yes, to have an in-depth knowledge of a person you would need other details too. Here’s your astrology cheat sheet to make you a pro at reading others.

When we refer to someone’s zodiac sign or zodiac star sign, we generally mean their sun sign. But other than our Sun Sign, there are other lesser-known aspects of astrology that play a huge role in shaping our personality.

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of any given individual, you must also take into account their:

  • Moon Sign
  • Rising Sign/ Ascendant
  • Mars Sign
  • Mercury Sign
  • Venus Sign

However, please note that your sun, moon, and rising sign or big 3 astrology comprise the most important part of your chart!

Sounds daunting? Wondering “What is my sun, moon, and rising sign”, “What is my ascendant”, What is my rising sign?”, or “What is my moon sign?”

Don’t worry, we’re here to make this real easy and simple! We have prepared an astrology cheat sheet for you that will explain all the nitty-gritty of our astrological birth charts and how to decipher the secrets of the celestial influences on our lives.

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To get started with your astrology aspects cheat sheet, first, let’s understand these above-mentioned Astro topics one by one. According to Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac star signs:

  • Aries
  • Taurus
  • Gemini
  • Cancer
  • Leo
  • Virgo
  • Libra
  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Capricorn
  • Aquarius
  • Pisces

These signs represent the 12 sets of 30-degree sectors that constitute Earth’s 360° orbit around the Sun.

What Is Sun Sign?

Our sun signs are based on the dates of our birth and the calculation starts from the first day of Spring, also known as the Vernal Equinox. So, the zodiac sign in which the Sun is placed on the date of our birth is our Sun sign. For example, natives born between April 20th to May 20th have Taurus as their Sun Sign.

What Does Your Sun Sign Mean?

Your sun sign impacts the outward-facing traits that make up your public image. It influences your individuality, how you exhibit yourself to the outside world, and how you like to be perceived and identified.

What Is Moon Sign?

Your Moon sign is the zodiac star sign in which the Moon was positioned at the exact moment of your birth. If the Moon was in Aries at the moment of your birth, then your Moon sign is Aries.

What Does Your Moon Sign Mean?

Your astrology cheat sheet says the Moon represents our subconscious mind, intuitive abilities, emotions, and inner self. It is the part of our personality that remains hidden from the outside world, sometimes even from ourselves. Your moon sign influences your gut instincts, your true feelings, and how you manage your emotions.

What Is a Rising Sign?

The zodiac star sign rising or ascending on the Eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth becomes their rising sign aka Ascendant.

What Does Your Rising Sign Mean?

According to your astrology cheat sheet, your rising sign shapes your appearance and how you come across when you meet someone for the first time; essentially your first impressions.

It can also have an impact on the way you like to present yourself to those who are not very close to you. It’s the persona that you use to hide your authentic self from strangers. ​How to calculate your rising sign​? Keep reading, we will explain shortly!

What Is a Mars Sign?

Just like your Moon sign, your Mars sign is the positioning of Mars in your natal chart, at the exact time of your birth. If Mars was placed at Aquarius when you were born, then your Mars sign is Aquarius.

What Does Your Mars Sign Mean?

Mars represents our willpower, passion, drive, ambition, and sex drive. Based on your astrology cheat sheet, Mars’s energy influences how we push ourselves to achieve our desires or how we assert ourselves.

It gives us a sense of direction and propels us toward fulfilling our ambitions. It also dictates how we express and respond to negative emotions such as anger or frustration.

What Is a Mercury Sign?

As you have got it by now, your Mercury sign is the zodiac star sign in which Mercury was placed at the time of your birth. But as Mercury is a planet that’s closest to the Sun, your Mercury sign will be either the same star sign as your Sun or the star sign before or after your Sun sign.

If your Sun Sign is Taurus, your Mercury Sign will be either Aries, Taurus, or Gemini.

What Does Your Mercury Sign Mean?

Mercury does more than just go into retrograde to give you a hard time. It rules over communication, intellect, and cognitive abilities.

So, according to our astrology cheat sheet, everything from absorbing information to identifying patterns, processing thoughts, exchanging ideas with others, and expressing emotions through written or spoken language, all comes under the domain of Mercury.

What Is a Venus Sign?

Yes, you got it right! Your Venus sign is the positioning of Venus at the moment you were born. Your Venus sign can or cannot be the same as your sun sign,  however, it will not be more than two zodiac signs away.

What Does Your Venus Sign Mean?

Venus is the Goddess of love. She rules over your self-expression, your love language, and your personal values. The astrology cheat sheet reads that Venus impacts your desires, your ability to connect to others, how you conduct yourself, and how you receive and give love or affection.

How To Find Out? Your Astro cheat sheet!

You got your astrology chart cheat sheet. Now to find out your signs of Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Ascendant, the easiest way would be to get hold of your birth certificate and then feed your birth details (date, place, and time of birth) in any free online astrological calculator tool to get your natal chart. An alternative will be to provide the details of your birth to an astrologer and get your birth chart made by them.

Your Astrology Cheat Sheet Is Ready Now!

Read this astrology for dummies cheat sheet to decode zodiac personalities. Find out your signs first and then match them with the details compiled below in these free zodiac sign cheat sheets:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Cheat Sheet aries white
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Aries Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Aries are dynamic, ambitious, and passionate. They seek out challenges and new opportunities. They’re known to be proactive and blunt.


They brim with confidence yet feel too deeply and can be easily provoked. They find stimulation in art, fitness, as well as the physical act of love.


Our astrology cheat sheet says Aries makes a good fit for authoritative or leadership positions. They inspire others and pursue goals with determination. They can be quite a charmer and have great flirting skills.


They are courageous and competitive. They thrive on conflict and won’t shy away from starting a fight. They can pursue their love interest but get bored easily.


They can come across as rude and intimidating. They tend to act impulsively without thinking about the consequences. They have an active mind that loves to learn from experiences.


They have a habit of quickly falling in love and most of the time they get attracted to people with a dark shade of personality. They can be very protective when it comes to their loved ones.

2. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Cheat Sheet taurus
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Taurus Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Taureans are grounded and sensual. They deliberate a lot, but once they make up their mind, they don’t like to change course. They value security and stability. They enjoy art, food, and all the finer things in life.


Their persistence can give way to rigidity. They’re calm and like to have a well-defined routine. Their sensuality makes them focus too much on self-care that borders on indulgence.


They’re hardworking, sincere, consistent, and focused. They’re also loyal in relationships. They have a heightened observation power but don’t like to stir the pot. Their love for comfort makes them overindulge at times.


They are money-minded and attach a lot of importance to a luxurious, secure, and stable lifestyle. They don’t rush into relationships but get pretty intense once in a committed relationship. They’re great at lovemaking.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are good listeners and can offer wise advice. They are traditional in their views and can be pretty stubborn. They are not impulsive in nature and prefer to think before they speak or act.


They are very much attuned to their feminine side. Women natives are classically feminine with a love for things like chocolates, flowers, and such. They take time to open up but later on, tend to be possessive.

3. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Cheat Sheet gemini
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Gemini Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Geminis are always on the lookout for learning something new and seeking intellectual stimulation. Their social skills make them charming and the life of a party. But they’re not very big on emotions.


They get irritated quickly and have frequent mood swings. They are sharp and quick-witted but impatient with those who are not. They have a curious attitude and are very good at multitasking.


They tend to overthink and worry over every small thing. They use their witty humor as a defense mechanism. They are always evolving, but it also makes it hard for them to stay on a particular path consistently.


Their curiosity and interpersonal skills make them great at networking. They can be the greatest flirts but they get drawn to people who are witty, interesting, and have the same level of mental frequency as them.


They love to talk and express the thoughts that are going on in their racing minds. They are fickle-minded and prone to suffer from anxious thoughts. They make great TV show hosts, anchors, and public speakers.


They are curious about human nature and love to meet new people. They need enough intellectual stimulation from their partner to stay interested in the relationship. They appreciate a good sense of humor.

4. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cheat Sheet cancer
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Cancer Cheat Sheet:


Our astrology cheat sheet says Cancerians are sensitive and caring toward others. They are highly intuitive and always careful while dealing with others’ emotions. They fiercely protect their softness from external negativities.


Being sensitive and intuitive makes them go through frequent emotional turmoils. They keep their true self hidden from others with a strong exterior, in order to save themselves from getting hurt.


They are highly empathic and nurturing in nature. They are receptive to others’ energies and protective of their loved ones. They love to comfort the ones who are hurting.


According to our astrology cheat sheet, they struggle to be direct or blunt with others. They are protective and even possessive of their loved ones. They love to be the provider in a relationship, both materially and emotionally.


They are very good at reading people’s body language and non-verbal communication. They can adapt to any situation and strike a chord with others. Sometimes they get overwhelmed as they absorb the energies of people around them.


They easily understand what their partner feels and do everything to take care of them. Although they can be guarded at first, once they warm up to someone, they can get really mushy and vulnerable.

5. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Cheat Sheet leo
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Leo Cheat Sheet:


Our astrology cheat sheet says Leos are sociable creatures who naturally attract attention wherever they go. They love to be under the spotlight and indulge in creative activities. Their charisma and confidence make them a star, but they are a child at heart.


They are broad-minded and liberal. They are creatively talented, emotional, and passionate. They have rich taste, love to indulge themselves in luxury, and can be extravagant.


According to our astrology cheat sheet, they are ambitious, motivated, and possess natural leadership skills. They are optimistic, determined, and headstrong. They take life as it comes and they have a zest for living. 


They crave validation from others but always reciprocate the energy. They enjoy being loved, desired, and admired. They are devoted to the ones they love but can be a tad dramatic at times.


They are loud and have no qualms about speaking their mind. They have high self-esteem and will never settle for less in any sector of life. They want to leave an impression on others and sometimes can be self-centered.


They have high expectations in relationships. They get attracted to only those who match their energy. They are romantic and fantasize a lot, but their high standards make them unattainable and lonely.

6. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Cheat Sheet virgo
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Virgo Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Virgos have analytical minds and put high emphasis on efficiency. They are not satisfied easily and tend to get critical. They expect a lot, not only from others but also from themselves.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are intelligent, realistic, and practical. Although they are sincere and responsible toward others, their skepticism and critical nature make them hard to love.


They take everything, including themselves very seriously. They always try to be of service. Their intelligent and analytical nature makes them great advisors. They are very good at planning and organizing.


They have an eye for detail. They are helpful but their compulsion for perfection can be off-putting to others. They can be control freaks at times and tend to overwork themselves.


They nitpick a lot and can be very cruel with their words. They are methodical and always eager to help others push their boundaries. They make hard taskmasters.  


They don’t easily trust anyone in their relationships. They believe in expressing their love by being useful and helpful to their loved ones. They prioritize practicality over emotions.

7. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Cheat Sheet libra
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Libra Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Librans are diplomatic and value fairness and justice. They know how to tactfully manage relationships and people. They have a need to keep the peace and hate confrontations.


They are graceful, artistic, and empathic. They give a lot of importance to people’s points of view and can read others’ energies quite well. They like to accommodate others and make everyone happy.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they seek balance and harmony. They love to be around others and tend to lose their self-identity by making everyone happy. They admire aesthetics and creativity.


They let others express their opinions and participate in decisions. They deliberate until they have judged a situation from every possible angle. They expect everyone to be on their best behavior and have good manners. 


They avoid conflicts and like to keep conversations peaceful and casual. Their consideration of others sometimes makes them indecisive. They never jump to conclusions.


They respond to gentle and polite behavior. They get turned off by violence or rudeness. They are very sensitive to the kind of environment they get exposed to. 

8. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Cheat Sheet scorpio
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Scorpio Cheat Sheet


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Scorpions are highly intelligent, intuitive, and excellent at reading others. They are particular and strive for excellence in life. They are passionate and loyal and appreciate honesty above all else.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are driven and their determination and willpower make them successful in life. Their emotions are always in flux.


They are resourceful and have dynamic personalities. They trust their gut feelings and can go to any length to find the truth in any situation. They are intense and can have quite a temper.


They love to take action and are often led by their passion, hatred, or anger. They are ambitious and vindictive. They can be very domineering and over-possessive in relationships.


They are very inquisitive in nature. They don’t trust easily and demand loyalty and devotion. They are often the silent types who open their mouth only to say something impactful. 


They are extremely loyal and will never betray the trust you put in them. They believe in an all-consuming passionate love. They will test your sincerity toward them before opening up to you. 

9. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Cheat Sheet sagittarius
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Sagittarius Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Saggis are expansive, always looking for ways to learn and grow. They are honest, confident, and have a good sense of humor. They love to travel and explore uncharted territories.


They can keep their gaze fixed on the bigger picture and not get swayed away by little details. They love to meet new people and go on adventures. They are optimistic and open to new challenges and opportunities.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are progressive, optimistic, and generous. They love their freedom and also value individual liberty. They never try to possess or restrict others. 


They have playful energy around them. They love to engage in debates and won’t be scared to voice their unpopular opinions. They do not hold grudges and can be pretty casual in their approach.


They have a sarcastic sense of humor and can get pretty rude with their satire and teasing. They have a deep understanding of philosophy and human nature and this lets them dominate conversations.


They are humorous and love to crack jokes even during serious discussions. They get bored very easily and need to be kept on their toes. They don’t like to be tied down in relationships.

10. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Cheat Sheet capricon
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Capricorn Cheat Sheet:


Our astrology cheat sheet says Caps are responsible, sincere, resourceful, and strategic. They are hard workers who love to play by the rules. They fulfill their duties toward others, yet maintain a healthy boundary.


They are disciplined and committed to their work. When they take up a project, they invest all their energy into it. They are dedicated to making use of their potential in the best possible way. 


According to our astrology cheat sheet, they are highly reliable and efficient. They relentlessly chase their goals and are always looking for the next big opportunity. Sometimes they can get pessimistic and stubborn.


They respond to authority and power and this makes them drawn to mature people who are in powerful positions. They love to plan and secure their future. 


They are honest and transparent in their approach toward others. They always mean what they say and say what they mean. They keep their promises and hold up their end of the bargain.


They are tough with themselves but try to provide comfort and security in relationships. They are particular about their needs and wants and won’t settle for anything less. 

11. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Cheat Sheet aquarius
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Aquarius Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, they are progressive thinkers. They are also intellectual and rational beings. They tend to get detached when they get overwhelmed by intense emotions. They need their personal space.


They are tolerant, liberal, and idealistic. Their wit and intelligence make them great conversation partners. They seek companionship but cannot get attached to all and sundry. They value their independence a lot.


They are the visionaries and trailblazers. They have a self-contradictory nature that makes them sociable yet aloof and progressive yet inflexible. They hate restrictions on them and can get very eccentric at times.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are very unique and original in their approach to life. They can get pretty intense in one moment and act distant the next. They like to meet new people but need their “me time”.


They are great observers and thinkers. They analyze things really well and can offer practical advice. But they are brutally honest. So don’t expect them to sugarcoat their words.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they connect with others based on common beliefs and thoughts. They are not afraid to be unconventional in love and romance. They will accept a partner who will respect their need for personal space and their individuality.

12. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Cheat Sheet pisces
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

Pisces Cheat Sheet:


According to our astrology cheat sheet, Pisceans are sensitive, idealistic, and imaginative. They get passionately involved in their projects. They can get overly dependent on others and must work on setting healthy boundaries.


Our astrology cheat sheet says they are the dreamers who see the world through a rose-colored lens. They find arts, music, and creative work to be the best channel to express their emotions.


They are very helpful and always eager to heal others’ pain. They often feel to be misfits in an insensitive world. Their sensitive character coupled with creativity can create a beautiful and harmonious world.


They daydream a lot and tend to get detached from reality. They repress their emotions which often leads to internal conflicts. They need to learn to be less self-sacrificing in relationships, as well as in work.


They make great artists and musicians. They trust emotions more than logic and reasoning. They have a heightened sense of emotional intelligence and can pick up on others’ energies.


They find a sense of completion from being in a happy romantic relationship. They are always ready to sacrifice for their loved ones. They tend to get emotionally dependent on their partner and overlook their toxic traits.

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Acceptance Brings Fulfilment 

Use this astrology cheat sheet to understand others and accept your differences
Use This Astrology Cheat Sheet To Understand Others And Accept Your Differences

Now that you have your zodiac cheat sheet, try to accept others more, when you learn about their unique traits and quirks. Acceptance and understanding bring us close to each other and our astrological signs cheatsheet intends to do just that!

Let us know what you think about our astrology cheat sheet by commenting down below!

Astrology Cheat Sheet For Dummies pinex
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities
Astrology Cheat Sheet For Dummies pin
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities
astrology cheat sheet
Astrology Cheat Sheet To Accurately Read 12 Zodiac Personalities

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