Dharma Type Test: Find Your True Life Path With This Quiz

dharma type test

Do you know what is your dharma type? “Dharma” in Sanskrit means  “the right way of living”. Are you walking on your true life path? Here’s a dharma type test to find your purpose in life and unique spiritual path!

Every soul on this earth has a specific purpose depending on their dharma type. Some are born to enlighten people with knowledge and wisdom, some are born to spread happiness in society, some are motivated to improve themselves and those around them. 

If you are unaware of your life’s purpose, you must first realize your personal dharma. There are five dharma types and each of them are described below to help you gain a better sense of your strengths and directions that you should nurture to do things that you are born for. 

5 Dharma Types 


Educator dharma types are knowledgeable, intelligent and strongly idealistic. They love to pass on their knowledge and wisdom to others. People approach them for advice and problem-solving. However, those who fall into the educator dharma type struggle to take some of their own advice!

Example: Barack Obama


People who fall into merchant dharma type are givers, always focussed on making others. They are social and love to interact with people. Spending time alone is something very difficult for them. Lack of company makes them feel lonely or empty, so they fill up on food, drugs, company, and entertainment to relieve their loneliness. They are likeable and entertaining!

Example:  Elvis Presley.


People who belong to an outsider dharma type hold a fresh and unique perspective on life. Known to be unconventional, empathic, and socially conscious. They are adaptable, and always seek new information. Therefore, they can easily thrive in new social situations. Above everything, they value their personal freedom. 

Examples: Princess Diana and David Beckham.


Warrior dharma types are focused, disciplined, generous and self-sacrificing. Advocating for others is their life purpose. They have high standards for themselves, so engage in healthy competition and constantly strive to improve themselves and those around them. They can make the impossible possible when they have a noble goal to strive for.

Example: Redford and Angelina Jolie.


People with dharma type are practical, caring and deeply loyal. They enjoy bringing people together, and prioritize family. They make great social workers, nurses, or therapists. 

Example: Oprah Winfrey.

Which of the five dharma types are you?
Still couldn’t figure out? 

Take The Dharma Type Test Below

The test comprises a few basic questions about your likes and preferences. Answer all of them spontaneously for the most accurate analysis of your way of living. You will know your dharma type in less than a minute. 

Click Let’s Start

Are you an educator? Warrior? Merchant? Laborer?
Let us know in the comments below. 

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Dharma Type Test
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Dharma Type Test: Find Your True Life Path With This Quiz
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Dharma Type Test: Find Your True Life Path With This Quiz
dharma type test quiz pin
Dharma Type Test: Find Your True Life Path With This Quiz

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  1. Avatar of Vicki Lund

    You fall into the Educator Dharma type!

    Your main role in life is to pass on your wisdom and knowledge to others! You are an extremely intelligent person and strongly idealistic! You are known for your advice giving and people always turn to you for your wisdom. You however struggle to take some of your own advice!

  2. Avatar of Angie Padden Khoury

    Outsider Dharma: You are known for being a fresh and unique perspective on life! You thrive off of absorbing and adopting foreign information. You are extremely adaptable and can fit into most social situations with ease. You tend to value personal freedom over other aspects in life!

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