Lights, Camera, Christmas: 10 Must-See New Christmas Movies For Your Family!

Must-See New Christmas Movies For Your Family And Kids!

‘Tis the season for festive flicks, and with the holiday movie extravaganza in full swing, networks like Hallmark, Lifetime, Great American Family, BET+, Netflix, and a myriad of others are unwrapping new christmas movies by the dozen or more!

With over 100 entries this year, the hot cocoa is sure to keep flowing all the way until next year.

From heartwarming tales to animated adventures and even some with a touch of horror, these newcomers are set to add a sprinkle of fresh magic to your seasonal movie marathon. So, grab your favorite blanket, fill up that mug of cocoa, and let’s explore the cinematic wonders that the holiday season has in store for us this year.

New Christmas Movies 2023

Lets have a look at new christmas movies 2023 for your family:

1. EXmas

There’s a nice Christmas showdown coming in Freevee’s new Christmas movies 2023 “EXmas”! Surprising his family, who didn’t expect him to come home for the holidays, workaholic Graham Stroop (Robbie Amell) discovers that his ex-fiancée Ali Moyer (Leighton Meester) is already present.

EXmas - New Christmas Movies 2023

The story then turns into a spirited bet on who can leave by Christmas Day resulting in a series of pranks and tender moments. Is it possible for them to mend their fractures with the magic of Christmas, or will love be gone and only competitive chaos left.

Watch “EXmas” on Freevee: this movie is an emotional rollercoaster full of laughter and surprises with great performances by Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester. 

‘This heartwarming rom-com will premiere exclusively on Amazon’s leading streaming service called Freevee. Prepare your loved ones, drink hot chocolate and let ‘’EXmas’’ on Freevee melt your hearts and make your holiday season merry. 

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2. The Bad Guys

As our choice for new Christmas movies 2023 we bring to you, “The Bad Guys”! 

The Bad Guys - new christmas movies

The story of ‘The bad guys,’ who are animals in the form of outlaws, trying to embark on a con whereby they will become model citizens that are well-behaved. It’s one stop short of a new santa movie!

A-listers such as Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos and Awkwafina make up this good-bad gang.

Consequently, Mr. Wolf leads his cohorts; however, he gets caught because of their group’s continuous criminal venture. 

The deal that they make with no intention of keeping is to become good under the guidance of Professor Marmalade who is an adorable guinea pigs. Meanwhile Mr. wolf plans to trick humans as genuine goodness in him might satisfy his lifelong dream of being accepted.

You are guaranteed a mix of humor, action and redemption in this animated adventure movie. Check out “The Bad Guys” now – it is available for streaming on Apple Tv+ and Amazon Prime Videos!

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3. Best. Christmas. Ever!

One of the new Christmas movies 2023, “Best. Christmas. Ever!”, will let you see how Charlotte and Jackie who were once the best of friends became enemies during this holiday season. 

Best. Christmas. Ever! - new christmas movies

For years, Jackie’s proud letters have made Charlotte feel like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree; however, things change when her husband Rob, their children visit Jackie and Valentino’s icy doorstep few days before Christmas.

Charlotte uses this chance to expose the seeming perfect life that Jackie leads thereby setting off a chain of events that has the potential to shatter both families’ Yuletide spirit. In her excessive zeal, Charlotte causes unforeseen havoc almost spoiling Christmas for all.

This is not only a story of unexpected alliances but also one characterized by laughter and true meaning of the season. Stream this heartwarming holiday movie on Netflix now for a perfect blend of humor, redemption, and the enduring spirit of christmas 2023!

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4. Candy Cane Lane

Prepare for a great holiday trip new christmas movies on the “Candy Cane Lane,” featuring Eddie Murphy. Fearing that he will not find another job, Chris prefers to keep this information confidential from his family. As Christmas approaches and a huge contest with $100,000 reward, Chris and family members take the magical journey through the “Candy Cane Lane.”

Candy Cane Lane- new christmas movies

Meet Chris, Carol and their children as they navigate through life challenges, make holiday decorations and discover the true meaning of Christmas. 

In this feel-good road trip with a twist of Eddie Murphy’s charm, it is the little things that matter most. Open up presents in Candy Cane Lane with the Carver’s for surprises, laughter and joy. A sweet treat coming soon to your favorite platform just in time for the festive season.

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New Horror Christmas Movies

1. Silent Night

Starring Joel Kinnaman, “Silent Night” is a gripping thriller where action is more important than dialogue. He plays Brian, a mourning father living in California in the midst of the gang culture who has his world shattered when his son is killed by a stray bullet. 

Silent Night - new christmas movies

He gets shot in the neck during an act of revenge which leaves him reappearing from several months of binge with a terrifying mission, “Kill them all” before next Christmas.

Astonishing suspense, car chases, motorbike pursuits and bone breaking encounters take place and are accompanied by little talking. Brian’s wife (Catarina Sandino Moreno) adds few words but these are powerful nonetheless. 

“Silent Night” provides an intense cathartic experience that uses silence to create an emotional crescendo. This film channels John Woo’s style and will make a unique holiday thriller told in images that are both captivating and payback-driven. Brace yourself for the immersion into the silence of “Silent Night.”

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2. Red Snow

“Red Snow,” is among the fun new horror christmas movies. It is presented with a fresh twist by Director Sean Nichols Lynch for the holiday season. This black comedy is smartly dealing with budget constraints and throws you in some silly splattery gore while its self-aware script genuinely generates laughter.

Red Snow - new christmas movies

Dennice Cisneros shines as Olivia in this pre-Christmas Lake Tahoe set film, struggling writer drowning in piles of rejection letters and longing to become a vampire novelist. 

Olivia’s world takes a dramatic twist when she saves a bat that turns out to be a vampire; Luke (Nico Bellamy). In an intriguing comic twist, Olivia invites him to live in her garage just for his literary review. As she microwaves mugs of pigs’ blood, their relationship develops into something really unique.

“Red Snow” combines somber humor mixed with some holiday spirit even though there are scenes that might make you question about being campy on purpose. The charm of the film lies in Lynch’s cleverness and how well the actors have been able to gel together thereby making it an amazing addition to Christmas comedies.

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3. The Lodge

Riley Keough plays Grace in “The Lodge,” who tries to connect with her boyfriend’s grieving children during a remote holiday getaway. However, the siblings resent their father’s new girlfriend and eventually learn about Grace’s troubled past including her mother’s suicide and haunted cult life.

The film is an intense watch as the kids protect their mother’s heritage with strong Catholic imagery and flashbacks. Alicia Silverstone briefly appears, with her character taking her own life as a cloud overhanging the cabin. 

As tensions mount, “The Lodge” explores guilt, grief and psychological complexities that deviate from the expected story arc by ending on an unexpected note. Be prepared to embark on a chilling odyssey through a family dynamic where memories of the past endure and “real world” reality is increasingly elusive.

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4. The Curse of Jack Frost

Offering a chilling twist to new christmas movies, “The Curse of Jack Frost” is a dark supernatural story with strong villain backstory and commendable performances. However, despite its promising start, the film loses momentum and regresses into something of a predictable slasher narrative with a Christmas-themed edge.

The Curse of Jack Frost - new christmas movies

Set on the backdrop of a historical war between Santa Clause and Jack Frost, the movie is about the evil resurrection of Jack, whose sole aim is revenge on humanity. After 50 years, Sylvia Clegg’s Lesley who still haunts by her past faces a new threat when her family unknowingly rekindles Jack’s power during christmas 2023 celebrations.

While the plot loses steam, it remains interesting through committed cast members, scary villain and creative murders. “The Curse of Jack Frost” combines frosty nightmares and an exceptional horror that makes it worth an addition to the Christmas horror genre although somewhat predictable.

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New Santa Movie For Kids For Christmas 2023

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas

The comedy movie called “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever” involves Greg who experiences strange occurrences just before Christmas. 

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Christmas - new christmas movies

Having problems with bullies and the challenges of running his own newspaper, Greg’s life takes a funny twist. The family’s stay at home during a snowstorm leads to more laughter as they engage in some snow-related pranks.

In this movie, the we see the other side of his family, how it is not what they expected as well as how he always manages to have game time. 

Furthermore, re-encountering Alfrendo his best friend who is a comic master has an extra blend of funniness to the cold weather adventures. As for Greg, he has many brothers but Manny is the one who always wins.

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2. Dashing Through the Snow

Get ready for a heartwarming holiday tale in new santa movie, “Dashing Through The Snow,” starring Chris “Ludacris” Bridges as Eddie Garrick. Eddie, once jaded by a tough Christmas past, finds himself on a magical journey when his wife, Allison (Teyonah Parris), asks him to spend Christmas Eve with their daughter Charlotte (Madison Skye Validum). 

Dashing Through the Snow - new christmas movies

Their encounter with Nick (Lil Rel Howery), a mysterious man in a red suit, transforms their night into a festive adventure.

Eddie, a social worker, initially doubts Nick’s beliefs, but a run-in with a local politician (Oscar Nuñez) sparks a magical escapade that may just reignite Eddie’s belief in Christmas miracles. 

Give your kids a heartwarming and enchanting experience as Eddie and his family rediscover the true spirit of Christmas in “Dashing Through The Snow.” It’s a magical reawakening that will leave you with a warm holiday glow.

Snowflakes and Smiles

As the snowflakes gently fall and the aroma of freshly brewed cocoa fills the air, it’s time to wrap up our cinematic journey through the newest Christmas movies of 2023. With over a hundred options to choose from, this holiday season has certainly been a treat for movie enthusiasts. 

These films are not just stories; they are invitations to rediscover the essence of the holiday spirit—whether through rekindled love, new horror christmas movies, or the simple joy of family bonds.

So, as the credits roll and the final snowflakes settle, may these new Christmas movies of 2023 leave you with lasting smiles, cherished memories, and a heart aglow with the true magic of the season. 

 Happy watching, and may your days be merry and your movies full of delight!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some new christmas movies 2023? 

  • “EXmas” on Freevee featuring Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester.
  • “The Bad Guys” with A-listers Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos, and Awkwafina.
  • “Best. Christmas. Ever!” showcasing unexpected alliances, humor, and redemption.
  • “Candy Cane Lane” starring Eddie Murphy, offering a feel-good road trip with a festive twist.
  • New horror Christmas movies like “Silent Night,” “Red Snow,” “The Lodge,” and “The Curse of Jack Frost.”

2. What are some new horror christmas movies? 

  • “Silent Night” with Joel Kinnaman, a gripping thriller set amidst gang culture.
  • “Red Snow,” a fun Christmas vampire movie with a fresh twist.
  • “The Lodge,” an intense psychological thriller with elements of guilt and grief.
  • “The Curse of Jack Frost,” a dark supernatural story with a Christmas-themed edge.

3. What are some new santa movie for kids in christmas 2023?

  • “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever,” a comedy involving Greg and his family’s snow-related pranks.
  • “Dashing Through The Snow,” starring Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, offering a heartwarming holiday tale.
new christmas movies 2023

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