Cold Hands And Warm Hearts: 30+ Winter Date Ideas To Heat Up Your Relationship


Winter Date Ideas

Looking for some cutesy winter date ideas that will make you and your boo feel warm and cozy? Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Dating in summer is simple and easy. You can go for a movie, or a concert, or even for a walk on the beach. But when winter sets in, the choices become slimmer and you need to put on your thinking cap to find the perfect date idea… week after week. To make things worse, you need to add variety to your winter date ideas to keep things spicy. After all, how many times are you going to stay indoors and watch Netflix? 

Dating is crucial for our relationship and doing new and different things with your boo is the secret to a happy relationship. Creative and good winter date ideas can help you strengthen your bonding with your bae, understand each other better and have an excitingly romantic winter.

Cute winter date ideas for you and your boo

Are you a bit confused about how to date this winter? Then here are some simple yet exciting winter date ideas that will make your dates fun, exciting, warm and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside –

1. Book a cabin 

One of the best ways to spend some romantic time together is to book a cabin for a weekend getaway. Being with your partner in a beautiful, cozy cabin all weekend can make your winter filled with adventure and romance. You can book a cabin in the woods or someplace nearby to get away from the chaos of the city and have a romantic weekend. You don’t necessarily need to have any special activities planned as long as you and your partner enjoy each other’s company. 

Light up the fireplace, play some board games, read a book, cook together or just snuggle up by the fire and have long meaningful conversations. The warmth of the fire and the deeper connection you build will make you both feel happier and warmer. But make sure to detach from technology and social media as it can completely ruin your weekend. Winter date ideas rarely get more romantic than this.

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2. Hit your favorite bars 

A simple way to have fun with your boo during the cold winter months is to visit some of the best pubs, bars and breweries in your area. Visit your favorite bars or explore new pubs and grab your favorite drink or beer. The alcohol in your system will warm you up and get rid of all the stress from the day so that you can finally have some well-deserved fun with your partner. 

You can make your pub hopping experience really exciting by visiting some cheap bars first and then contrast it by going to a posh nightclub. The switch from cheap beer to the finest champagne you can afford will make your date night memorable this winter.

3. Have an indoor picnic

Picnics with your bae can always be fun, even if you have it inside your home. During the winter, planning a picnic outdoors makes no sense, especially when all you want to do is spend some good quality time cozying up to your partner. So plan an exciting picnic with different activities, but at home. 

Clear out some space in your living room by laying down a soft rug or a blanket to build a cozy ambience for your picnic. Prepare some food, get some wine, play some good music and keep some board or card games handy. You can also choose to light some candles if you don’t have a fireplace to spice things up a bit. An indoor picnic can be a great way for an afternoon date in the winter. This is one of the best yet free winter date ideas you can find.

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4. Enjoy the Christmas lights

You can’t spell winter without Christmas. So make a plan with your bae to go out and see the Christmas lights in your neighborhood and around your city. This is a great time to enjoy such dazzling views and to get in the Christmas mood. If you stay in the suburbs, then take your partner out on a drive to look around how beautifully everyone has decorated their houses with Christmas lights. 

And if you live in the city, then walk around the popular spots and enjoy the Christmas lights, Christmas trees and decorations all around you, especially in stores, malls and other such places. This can be a greater opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit and feel the warmth in your heart… together.

5. Try ice skating, skiing or snowboarding

If you are in the mood for some fun activities, then ice skating is a great winter date idea to make your partner happy and excited. Ice skating is the perfect romantic activity in the winter season. Why? You get to hold hands with your partner while skating, you get to do something thrilling, you can laugh and have fun, especially when one of you falls down (and you will), and best of all, you get to build a deeper bond.

But if you want to take things up a notch, you can even go snowboarding or skiing. Winter is the best time to impress your date with your skiing skills and to ride down the slopes. Doing some thrilling activities together as a couple can make your relationship stronger as fear and excitement can help you bond. So what can be better than ice skating or skiing to get your adrenaline pumping and to get romantic in the winter? This can actually be one of the best winter date ideas for teenage couples.

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6. Go sledding

Since we are talking about exciting and thrilling winter date ideas, going sledding is a must for any couple looking to have some carefree fun. A sledding date can be really fun and take you back to your childhood days. You can make your boo nostalgic by taking them on a sledding date and by being all bundled up to them. So grab a sled from your neighborhood kids and have some old fashioned adventurous fun. 

Fasten your scarf, gloves, beanies and jackets, hold your partner tight and dash down the hill while the chilly wind hits your face. Don’t be afraid to show your childish immature side by running up the hill again for a second or even a third ride down the hill. Sledding is a great way to have some playful and hilarious fun with your date. This is great for couples looking for cheap winter date ideas.

7. Cook or bake at home

During the holidays, getting a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant can be really difficult. What’s even worse is leaving the warmth and comfort of your house and venturing outside into the cold. This is why cooking and baking with your bae is one of the cutest and simplest winter date ideas. 

Cook dinner together as a couple and enjoy the whole process of cooking – from cutting vegetables, to preparing the sauce, cooking the food and even garnishing. Play some music to create a nice warm romantic atmosphere and sip on some fine wine while you both get busy with cooking. You can even bake some delicious desserts like a gingerbread house to get into the holiday spirit. And in the end, enjoy the fruits of your labor and compliment each other on your cooking skills.

But while cooking together can be a good romantic activity for the winter season, you can also have a cooking competition with your partner to make things even more fun. Have a contest with each other and give a gift to the winner. While this can make the kitchen somewhat messy, you will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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8. Plan a movie night at home

Movie nights are widely common yet hugely underrated when it comes to the best winter date ideas. Yes, Netflix and Chill is what we all do over the weekends, but a movie date night can be really special too. 

Have a themed movie marathon at home with both of you suggesting your favorite movies that the other hasn’t seen or maybe watch a new movie that both of you are yet to watch. You can also watch some Christmas movies to build your holiday mood, but horror movies are always perfect for movie nights as they encourage snuggling and cuddling on the couch. You may also head out to your local theater and enjoy some popcorn and snacks together. You just can’t go wrong with a movie night.

 simple winter date ideas

Want more winter date night ideas? Here we go. 

More romantic winter date ideas

As we said above, variety is the secret to a spicy and happy romantic life. So it makes sense that you are looking for more winter date ideas for couples. And we are to do just that. Doing the same thing over and over every weekend can make the winter season dull and make your date feel bored after a while. 

Here some more simple yet fun winter date ideas so that you can experience the full spectrum of romance with your special person –

  • Watch a dance, ballet or a theater performance
  • Visit your local comedy club and have a good laugh
  • Play some video games at home or visit a video game arcade
  • Play some card games or board games at home with your partner
  • Go for a winter hike and enjoy the raw beauty of nature
  • Visit an aquarium and learn about the penguins, stingrays, sea otters and sharks
  • Go to the bowling alley and have some non-competitive indoor fun
  • Build a snowman as a couple and have a snowball fight
  • Try indoor rock climbing or other indoor adventure sports
  • Meditate and do yoga together as it’s one of the most calming winter date ideas
  • Toast some marshmallows in the fireplace or an open fire at home
  • Enjoy a spa day either at home or a spa nearby
  • Visit your local flea market or antique store

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  • Do a photoshoot in the white, frosty & snow-covered landscape
  • Have a simple date in a coffee shop with some good coffee or hot chocolate
  • Stroll around an art museum on a chilly afternoon 
  • Do the polar bear plunge by jumping into the freezing water in your local lake
  • Volunteer as a couple 
  • Paint some picture or portraits of each other while drinking wine
  • Visit your local animal shelter, play with the animals or take them out for walks
  • Go for a carriage ride, snuggle up and share your happiest memories
  • Go wine tasting together as it is among the most romantic winter date ideas
  • Get warm in a hot tub outdoor
  • Play laser tag for some unhinged fun
  • Take a stroll in your city at night

Warm hearts on cold days

cute winter date ideas

Winter is the perfect time to get close to the person you are in love with and feel the warmth in their hearts spread through your soul. But when it starts getting cold out there, we need to get creative to keep the romance and fun alive. While the weather gets chiller and the days get shorter, the love gets stronger. 

So try out these fun and simple winter date ideas to take your relationship to next level and to snuggle up to your partner.

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