The #1 Way For Guys To Kill It In Relationships

way for guys to kill it in relationships

Men sometimes have a tough time understanding women’s needs, but honestly, it’s not really that confusing and complicated. There is a small secret that can indeed help guys to kill it in their relationships.

Okay men, here’s the deal. Most women only need one thing from us men to make them happy. It’s really simple. No, you don’t need to buy her expensive stuff or deal with her problems. It is something much more meaningful and deeper that will help you understand what she actually wants and build a lasting connection between you and your partner. 

The fighting man or feeling man. In my last post, I spoke about both. But I did not speak about another kind of man – the Fixer.

He shuts off feeling by trying to fix. He’s the solutions guy. He’s super logical. And yet often a woman feels empty with him, wondering, where’s his heart?

When she talks about how she’s feeling down, or she has no time, he tries to fix it.

Well, baby, let’s see if we can get you more childcare. Then you can take better care of yourself.

Many women struggle with this part of the man. What they really want is a connection.

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I wish he could just hear me. I don’t need to be fixed. I’m not one of his shop projects.

The Fixer is the subject of the “Nail in The Head” video. It’s hilarious.

A young woman has a horrible headache. She’s talking to her partner about it. She’s seeking his attention. She just wants to be heard about her pain.

He looks at her in disbelief. It’s so simple. There’s a nail in her head. At least he sees it. We see it too. It’s clearly there.

But maybe it’s not really there. Maybe we see it because the camera is showing us the man’s point of view.

Is there really a nail in her head? Anyway, she just wants to be heard – about how she has this horrible headache and only if it would go away…. But he wants to tell her about the nail.

“You’re doing it again,” she says. “I hate it when you do that. Stop trying to fix me!”

What’s a guy to do in this situation? Why can’t she see he’s trying to help?

And so guys are just like – WTF? I’m just trying to help you.

But she wants to be heard. She wants to feel like she’s not a project you can fix, but a human being you can love and hold. Her trust relies on it.

So a guy might shift to “listening.” So, he listens and listens.

He either breaks through his “fix it” tendencies and really has a breakthrough or he gets fed up after 10 minutes (he hasn’t said a word the whole time) and screams, “Jeez, babe, I can’t be your goddamn girlfriend. This is killing me.”

I’ve seen many men hit this wall. Why?

Simply, biologically the male brain is wired for action. And when a man listens idly, he experiences anxiety.

On the evolutionary scale, men have two instincts – fuck it or kill it. (Ken Wilber) And when he can’t move into action, panic sets in.

And it’s only in the last fifty years that women have demanded he does something else. Something else typical of the female evolutionary instinct – Relate to it.

This is a HUGE leap for all men-kind. Millennium upon millennium vs. 50 years. Women, get this please– we as men are going through a massive shift.

And guys, yes, our contemporary partnerships demand that we now relate and connect with her. We can’t always pull the nail out of her head. And we need help to do differently.

Below are five ways any man can “kill it” in the listening domain. To be in a relationship with more joy, less anxiety, more connection, and sex.

Here Is How Guys Can Kill It In Their Relationships

1) Number One

Stay active in your listening. After a few minutes, ask her to pause, and repeat back to her what she’s saying. “I hear that you’re upset, that you feel I’m not around much…”

This allows you to use your natural “doing” energy towards good “listening” purpose. It helps with that hopelessness we often feel as guys when we’re doing nothing but just listening. We begin to realize listening is doing, and it’s hard work.

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