What You Want Vs What You Need In Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What You Want Vs What You Need Zodiac Sign

5. Leo

Want: You want all your goals to be fulfilled.

You are a hard-worker, and you have been working hard for a long time, and you want to see those results. It is frustrating you, that it is taking such a long time. But hold on for a little bit more, and you will finally see and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Need: You need to have a firm head on your shoulders.

You can be very impulsive sometimes, and that is okay. But, you need to be mature and deal with things at times too. It is very easy for you to get overconfident, and that is what you should try your best to avoid. You need to deal with things in a mature and sorted manner.

6. Virgo

Want: You want to stick to your plans, no matter what the situation.

As someone, who knows how their lives tend to progress, and which direction it takes, you clearly know where you want it to go. Being the organized person you are, you want to make sure that you follow every rule. 

Need: You need to slow down and trust the process.

You need to come out of your comfort zone but don’t let that scare you or deter you. Be open-minded and relax. You will see that there are a lot of things you still haven’t explored, that will broaden your mind and horizons.

7. Libra

Want: You want to feel more free and open to other opportunities and possibilities.

Right now, you are feeling stuck and tied down and you are yearning to get away from that. You want wings so that you can fly, rather than stay cemented where you are. You have always considered yourself a free spirit but could never find the courage to take the leap of faith.

Need: You need to embrace the new changes. 

But try not to forget the significant and constant relationships in your life- spouses, parents, and children. You might experience a lot of changes in your life and you might get lost in them. However, make sure that you also focus on the people that have stood by you through thick and thin.

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8. Scorpio

Want: You want to have a solid grip on your life.

Sometimes, you might feel like things are slipping out of your hands and you are not being able to control that. The important thing for you is to feel that you have some sort of control over how your life functions.  

Need: You need to accept and welcome your freedom.

You need to free yourself of any sort of restrictions. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it and lose control. Remember that you have the capacity of making the most of your freedom without abusing it. 

9. Sagittarius

Want: You want to chase everything that you find interesting.

Running with life and enjoying every blessing that life has to offer is what you do best. Moreover, the fear of missing out pushes you more to adopt this kind of a go-getter attitude.

Need: You need to be more patient.

Even if patience is not one of your strong suits, you need to do it. Make sure that you finish what you started, and most importantly, value what you do. Try not to move on to the next new thing that crops up and ignore what is already there. You should try to focus on one thing at a time. 

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10. Capricorn

Want: You want to taste more success than you already have.

You have always been someone, who keeps his head down and prefers his work to talk for itself. You are not one of those people who likes to beat his own drum and shout about his achievements from the rooftops. You always like pushing yourself to work harder than the day before.

Need: You need to take a break and rest.

It is important that you accept the fact that work is not everything. Even though your hardworking nature is admirable, there is more to life than your job. Go and take a vacation and you will understand why rest is vital for the mind, body, and soul

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