Waking Up From Religion

Waking Up From Religion

Religion says, “You are unworthy unless you meet certain conditions.”

Awakening reveals, “You are unconditionally worthy.”

Religion says, “You are powerless to external sources.”

Awakening reveals, “Your power is accessed as you take responsibility for your life.”

Religion separates, judges and excludes.

Awakening and Oneness are synonymous.

In awakening, you remember that who you really are is the Divine, and if you judge yourself, or others, you are really judging God. We should wake up from our religion.

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How do you know if your religion, or spiritual practice, supports spiritual empowerment, Divine connection, and spiritual awakening?

Most importantly, your religion, or spiritual practice, should work for you, and only you can decide what that means, but here are some suggestions for you to consider:

  1. Your spiritual practice gives you freedom, and space, to find your own answers, even if those answers disagree with the spiritual teachings.
  2. You are not judged, punished or excluded for thinking differently, or questioning ideas.
  3. Your spiritual practice moves you toward love and oneness, providing the space for you to forgive yourself and others, as you let go of old heavy baggage that no longer serves you.
  4. The spiritual teachings uplift you to new heights of awareness, while also inspiring you to express yourself.
  5. Spiritual beliefs are offered through lessons of empowerment, and not through fear of karma, punishment or any form of disempowerment, nor should you be manipulated through guilt, obligation, or impending regret. 
  6. Your spiritual teacher does not encourage dependency on him or her, tell you what to do, how to think or make other spiritual teachings wrong or less than.
  7. You are not asked to judge, reject or exclude others in order to remain in the religion, nor are you punished for loving those who don’t obey the rules of your religion.
  8. You feel honored and respected by your teacher and peers, and you never feel as if the teacher, or spiritual practice, has power over you, or that your worthiness is in question.
  9. Your practice empowers you to discover who you really are and supports you in developing an intimate and personal relationship with the Divine, where you experience yourself as unconditionally loved.
  10. If your intention is a spiritual awakening, your spiritual practice must not only empower you to discover the door of awakening, it must also encourage you to let go so that you can enter. In order to fully awaken, you must be willing to let go of even the sacred practice that got you there. We should wake up from our religion.
waking up from religion
waking up from religion

The bottom line is,

  • does your spiritual practice direct you inward?
  • Does it make you feel closer to the Divine? 
  • Does it empower you?

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