Waking Up From Religion

Waking Up From Religion

Have you ever thought about the possibility of waking up from religion, and how it can only prove positive for you and your loved ones?

Often our religious beliefs are handed down to us by family and culture, and by the time we are old enough to consciously choose, it’s too late because we are already brainwashed with pre-ordained beliefs that seem to be set in stone. We should be waking up from religion.

Ideally, the true purpose of any religion should be to facilitate a direct connection with the “Divine,” and to support spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, few, if any religions, fulfill this purpose. If they did, many more of us would be awake by now, or at least intimately connected to the Source of who we really are. Even with new age spiritual practices, few of us have attained full spiritual awakening and direct Divine connection.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Waking Up From Religion

Maybe that answer lies in the reasons why humanity seeks out religion, or structured spirituality, in the first place?

Seeking the answers to the unknown can be a scary business – where do we come from, why are we here, and especially, where do we go after departing? The further we travel down the “rabbit hole,” in our quest for spiritual truth, the more lonely, confusing and frightening it can become. Religion preys on this fear and confusion; by providing premade answers designed to give us a false sense of security, it offers a reprieve from that inner quest, but in exchange for that spiritual crutch, we must give up spiritual sovereignty and the freedom to choose our own beliefs.  We must give up the very thing it saves us from – finding our true selves.

In many ways, my spiritually convoluted childhood was a gift in disguise. Although my mother was raised strict Roman Catholic and my father was raised strictly Jewish, I was baptized Christian, and when it was time to send me to school, I was sent to a very catholic school run by tyrant nuns. Neither my mom, nor my dad, considered that they were sending me to a catholic school, where I would stand out like a sore thumb – with a very Jewish last name, and a nose to match. I was treated differently than the other kids but I was too young to understand why, and by the end of first grade, even the other kids formed an alliance against me. This overt judgment from nuns and peers went on for years, and as a result, I did poorly in school, I had no friends, and I believed that there was something very wrong with me.

In fifth grade, the on-going emotional stress caused me to have a nervous breakdown, and, as a result, my parents enrolled me in public school, and also allowed me to figure out this “religion thing” on my own. By the time I was twelve, my immense search for truth was underway.

Up until that time, I had been taught that God was to be feared, and if you sin or break any commandments, you would be punished, and maybe even sent to a fiery hell to repent eternally. It was quite convincing, but something inside me said, it just wasn’t true.  

My long and relentless search for spiritual truth delivered me to a sacred space, not surprisingly void of all religion and the imprisoning dogma that keeps one from discovering the truth for oneself.

Why is it that religions often keep us from the very thing they should be doing? Instead of empowering us to a full connection with the Divine and supporting us to Wake Up and remember who we really are, they keep us asleep, buried under piles of disempowering beliefs that they programmed into our vulnerable minds. 

If we are fighting to prove that we are worthy of God’s love or we must depend on a “go-between” (priest, rabbi, guru etc…), in order to communicate with God, how can we ever attain a deep spiritual connection with the Divine?

Programming Religion

It’s fairly easy to see that most religions operate through mechanisms of control, but often the dynamic of control is so covert that you cannot recognize it, and if you cannot recognize it, you might easily fall for the religion’s sales pitch, or if you are a long time follower, leaving the religion can be like extracting yourself from emotional quicksand. 

Most religions, and even some spiritual practices, keep people asleep through a program of shame and secrecy. The program includes an ingenious control formula, based on disempowering beliefs, such as unworthiness, powerlessness, judgment and exclusion, all resulting in painful and debilitating emotions that can last a lifetime.

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Installing Beliefs

Most religions install beliefs about “right and wrong,” “good and bad” and “sinful and saintly,” causing followers to believe that their well-being or salvation is dependent on their behavior, and if they disobey, they are judged and punished with the equivalent of karma or an eternal afterlife of unwanted proportions, but that is not even the worst part! The defiance of your religious beliefs automatically invokes feelings of shame, guilt, obligation or regret. These feelings, or the fear of these feelings, can be a more powerful deterrent than even the threat of physical torture.

The deepest part of the control mechanism is through manipulating emotions so that you actually punish yourself. 

For example, if your religion says that it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage, and you have pre-marital sex, you will automatically punish yourself through feelings of deep shame, guilt, regret, and unworthiness. In fact, if you even think about going against the religious doctrine, these powerful emotions will induce feelings of impending regret, and make you think twice.

The same goes for things like regular “attendance,” tithing and any other conditions or requirements of your religion. Your fear of feeling guilt or regret controls your behavior and makes you do things that maybe aren’t right for you, or maybe keeps you from expressing your real self. The thing is, if you are emotionally manipulated, how can you even know what is best for you? Only through free-will can you ever be inspired by your own inner being.

Because the control is coming from inside you, in the form of your own beliefs and emotions, you probably don’t even realize that you are being controlled, which is what makes this type of control even more diabolical than if someone threated you with a knife. When you can identify an external control source, it is clear that you are being controlled, but when you have been willingly programmed with beliefs, and these beliefs are causing painful emotions, it is almost impossible to discern that an external source is in control of your life.

Taking Advantage of the Young and Vulnerable 

A person is programmed with religious beliefs either when they are too young to question those beliefs or at a very vulnerable time in their lives. For example, people seek spiritual answers when they are experiencing emotional pain or confusion. Religions feed off this, and even take advantage of this vulnerability, seducing seekers with the promise of security and comfort, for this life and maybe even the afterlife.

Sacrificing Power in Exchange for Salvation 

Most religions ask that you give away your power and that you trust the religion and its leaders more than you trust yourself. You are taught that in order to connect with the Divine, you must depend on non-physical deities or religious leaders. If you want a prayer answered or you seek forgiveness, you must use a “go-between” because you are not worthy, or pure enough, for direct communion with the Divine. Worst of all, the message is, “Don’t trust yourself,” and, as long as you don’t trust yourself, you remain powerless to external authority.

Ruled by Conditional Worth

In most religions, there is an unspoken decree of worthiness that all practitioners agree to. Your worth is dependent on how well you follow the rules of your religion – if you do as you are told, according to your religion, or your religious leader, you are deemed worthy, and if you go against, or question the rules or beliefs, you are deemed unworthy. Unworthiness induces deep feelings of shame which leads to secrecy. For this, we must wake up from our religion.

Use of Judgment 

The fear of being judged, shamed or the subject of gossip is commonly used to keep followers in line, creating secrecy and keeping followers from sharing their “indiscretions” with each other. Because judgment feels like death to the ego, we will do almost anything in order to avoid being judged. As a result, everyone pretends to be a good follower, while secretly hiding any “bad behavior,” and, because no one is sharing openly, it appears that everyone else is saintly, making it impossible for you to speak your truth

No Room for Doubt 

If you believe that your fellow practitioners will ostracize you, or report you to religious leaders, you will not likely share any feelings of doubt about the religion or its leaders – you will silently keep your questions or uncertainty to yourself, never knowing that your friend, neighbor or family member feels the same way. Judgment, and fear of being judged, support division. As the saying goes, “Divide and conquer,” and, at all costs, keep those already conquered from coming together in rebellion. Silence and separation allow religious agendas to operate unnoticed.

Exclude Non-believers

What about the threat of non-believers that are not part of the religion? Often, followers are well-trained in converting non-believers, with programmed answers for any, and all, objections that might come from the one they are trying to convert. Followers are often taught how to prey upon vulnerabilities, with promises of salvation, but, if that doesn’t work, the non-believer is viewed negatively, cast aside as ignorant and excluded. This type of righteousness, where the believer is right and the non-believer is wrong, is just another form of judgment and exclusion in the name of God.

The motto often is, “Either believe and join us or be excluded and judged as a sinner.”

I am not saying that you should leave your religion, or even think about it – that is not the point. The point is, if you want to awaken to the truth of who you really are, you must free yourself from disempowerment. This means taking back your power from everyone and everything – including religion

It might seem easy to blame a religion for keeping you powerless, asleep, or disconnected but religions only exist because we seek answers outside of ourselves. From the deepest perspective, religions are set up to fail you, so that eventually, you will look in the only place where you can ever find the answers you seek. Deep inside.

46 thoughts on “Waking Up From Religion”

  1. Avatar of KDR

    Having been brought up for a short time in a staunch Catholic family who ended up denouncing the faith, know exactly what the author went through.
    Since I was still young, went on a journey with my mother through almost all denominations of Churches so have some insight to alot of different denominations.
    My mother too, decided that I could make my own decisions and so I was not baptized either, nor my brother.
    Once i became an adult and like many, kinda turned away from religon and foryears, only rarely went to a church when someone invited me, but would only go a few times.
    It wasn’t until about three years ago that I had an awakening. It was late, was on my computer, and had the TV on for background noise, when I started hearing the person talking on the channel I had it on and had to stop what I was doing.
    The pastor speaking, spoke to me like no other had before and knew the Lord had set the whole night in motion for me to hear him speak.
    This was a Saturday night and could not wait for the next Saturday to hear his sermon. Found out he was local and joined the church.
    This pastor basically spoke many of the words in this article and the one thing that really had me understand a lot, was when he spoke about the difference in churches and what we need to be careful of.
    There are two types of churches, there are the ones who teach conformity which is have people follow rules, rituals, speaking in tounges, what you can and cannot wear, eat, drink, watch, or listen to. These churches do not teach the true words of the Lord and Jesus and they, not the bible, want to control you. And as the author says, they use many scare tactics. Remember, Jesus warned us about the false prophets, the wolves in sheeps chlothing.
    The others are churches that teach unity and the true words of our Lord through Jesus in the New Testament. Churches that are based on unity do not have you conform to anything and only teach the words of Jesus and the correlations with the old Testament.
    When our Lord sent Jesus to us, it was because the Lord did not want to continue the ways of the past and sent Jesus to teach love and compassion for each other.
    Would love to go into more detail, but would be writing all night, but look for churches that teaches unity and accepts all people as we are not to be the judge and jury, that’s the Lord’s doing, and does not make you feel guilty if you can’t give an offering or you don’t do this or that.
    Wishing all a blessed night.

  2. Avatar of Dan Meñez

    Religion is good till you discover the murderous trail that they left in their wake. A witness to man’s folly, all in the name
    of God.

  3. Avatar of Romy Mayor

    I was not raised in a home with religion. I ended up finding God when I was 17 and I’ve never looked back. Religion can separate people but a true relationship with God knows no boundaries.

  4. Avatar of Ajit Kumar Roy

    The meaning of religion is: Re=again; Legare(Latin) =to bind.Hence religion is spiritual endeavour to bind us again with Him frm whom we hv come into this world.

  5. Avatar of Mish Ty

    Religion is what others have handed down to you. Spirituality is stumbling upon one’s own myth. Both are different and people struggle to come to terms with this truth.

  6. Avatar of Ian MacKenzie

    I was a brainwashed kid to Catholic faith. I don’t need a religion to know right from wrong. Look at history and you can see what disastrous consequences have occurred with this narrow minded way of thinking. I’ve moved on and so have most people. This will continue.

  7. Avatar of su yalıtımı

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    Thanks for wonderful information I was searching for this information for my mission.

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  9. Avatar of Rob

    A good article and thought provoking. A question to writer,… If you had been Loved by the nuns in the catholic school and you were accepted amongst your peers and you did well on school would you have written this article? Perhaps the cruelty you endured was a great kindness?

  10. Avatar of Carolyn Hannan

    I am not obsessed, brainwashed or stupid ! I am not naive, ignorant or gullible. My faith is my strength it's what I lean on and it's part of who I am. We all chose to believe or not to believe it is those who lack compassion and tolerance about how others think that separate us!

  11. Avatar of Oussama Hassani

    People need to wake up and consider that heaven and hell are in earth not in a dimensional place where you can just fuck virgins or burn in the fucking hell because you simply realise that religion is a shitty books written by politicans and people to restrict your real power , wake up before you lose this opportunity of a lifetime

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