This Venus Retrograde Could Bring You A Fated Love

Wait On Proposing Marriage Or Making Wedding Plans

Even if you are normally clear-headed and realistic about the status of your relationship and its problems and limitations, during Venus retrograde your perception is seriously altered.

The obvious is not so obvious. As a result, you may misread signals that would otherwise be red flags.

Before you make wedding plans or run away to Las Vegas to get married in the Elvis Presley chapel, wait until Venus turns direct to get a more balanced perspective on whether your relationship really satisfies your needs, and what you want in a marriage. You’ll be able to more realistically assess if it will satisfy you in the long-term.

Keep these relationship tips in mind as you make plans concerning your love life. The best advice I can give as an astrologer is to wait until the 41 days of Venus retrograde are over to make any important decisions. It will help ensure that the decisions you make concerning your love life are successful.


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