8 Pieces of Useless Advice People Should Stop Giving

Pieces Useless Advice People Should Stop Giving

“Just do this and just do that, and you will be fine. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry, be happy!”. How many times have you been on the receiving end of this useless piece of advice, when you might be going through a miserable and tough time? And this piece of eye-opening and golden advice not only solved your problem but changed your life too. Right? Wrong!

The moment the word ‘just’ is used to impart advice, it destroys the motive of the entire suggestion. There is no point trying to look smarter and show wisdom which someone doesn’t really have in the first place. There is no point shelling out useless advice that will not help better someone’s situation in any way at all.

Here Are 8 Pieces of Useless Advice That Are An Absolute Waste Of Time

1. “You should just let it go.”

Yes, it is just easy and convenient to do, right? This advice can be a little bit useful when unimportant or minor things are concerned, like buying a ridiculously overpriced dress or splurging on a gold plate. But when you are going through something really painful, like being in a toxic relationship, doing a job that you hate, major family problems, etc. then this advice can feel like rubbing salt on your wounds.

You cannot just expect to go with the flow and accept all the negativity with a smile on your face; after a point it will end up messing with your mental health. So, the next time someone says this to you, do not take their advice, and do what you think will make you feel better and make the negative situation you are in better. After all, it’s your life, and your happiness should matter the most.

2. “Some people have it worse than you.”

The good old advice, and an absolutely useless one at that. If you are being asked to depreciate your painful experiences to feel better, then that is one of the worst things you can do to yourself; you cannot take yourself and your pain for granted. Your pain and troubles deserve to be acknowledged and respected. There will always be people out there who will be in a worse situation than you, but that does not mean you will never prioritize yourself and feel bad about your difficulties.

Yes, you should be appreciative and grateful for what you have, as not a lot of people might have those things. But never put yourself down or shut yourself up just because some people think you should ignore your suffering.

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3. “Learn to deal with it.”

This is probably one of the most apathetic things you can say to a person. Telling you to deal with it instead of trying to support you or trying to understand what you are going through is one of the most damaging things one can experience. It’s not always that easy to just forget and move on from painful things; every human being deserves to have emotional understanding and support in their lives.

If you are being subjected to this useless piece of advice, then it’s better to ignore them and think about what you need to do to handle the situation better. People who spew such dialogues can never be your well-wishers.

4. “What’s the point? Just forget about it!”

Ah, the million-dollar advice! As if forgetting about it is that easy. If someone tells you to forget about it, after you have opened yourself up and bared your heart out, then steer clear of that person. Telling someone to ‘just forget about it’ is the epitome of insensitivity. Forgetting pain, and trauma is an incredibly difficult thing to do, and people who don’t understand that, do not deserve to be a part of your life

Yes, letting pain fester in yourself and clinging on to it is not ideal, but you deserve to have the time and space needed to deal with it. You should not be pushed and pressured to ‘just forget about it’.

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